The 20 Biggest Stories That Rocked GameDaily's World in '07 (part 2)

These next ten "earth shattering" stories marked some of the most important events that helped shape the video game industry this year. Let's start the countdown...

10. Bungie Leaves Microsoft Game Studios
9. GameSpot's Jeff Gerstmann Gets the Axe
8. PS3 Sales Finally See Spike
7. Halo 3 Sells $300 Million in First Week
6. EA Acquires BioWare and Pandemic
5. Nintendo DS Becomes Best Selling Platform in 2007
4. Microsoft Loses $1 Billion to Xbox 360 Repairs
3. Activision Merges with Vivendi Games to Create Activision Blizzard
2. Wii Shortages Persist a Year After Launch
1. 2007 Game Sales to Shatter All Records

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wiizy4731d ago

mine was wii and ds just crushing everyone..

gamesblow4731d ago

One of my favorites is how the ps3 can read VBO files streamed off of T-versity... This just makes the ps3 even more of a set top box. Grab you a 500 gb external hdd and start ripping your dvd's to your pc's... using any means you can. Forget Divix when you can simply just use the VBO your dvd's are placed in. It's super fast and the quality is the exact same.

Even better... You can take those T-versity VBO streams and save them directly to the ps3's hdd on the fly, rename them and edit them how you'd like.

The ps3 is the biggest thing in gaming... multi media and in HD. Anyone who doesn't have a Ps3 for the sheer functionality of it is missing out... BIG TIME!

What I've started doing is re-editing my favorite Tales From the Crypts, Creep Shows, Simpsons and Seinfeld's... Just taking out my very favorite episodes using Magix and then streaming the High quality files over to the ps3 thru T-versity.

It's amazing... and trumps anything on this list as for biggest announcments in gaming. The Ps3 is the biggest announcment in gaming.

cajuncandb4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

I think the term you were searching for was VOB files not VBO files. And T-versity works with both the ps3 and the xbox 360. The b$%#$-fest will go on and on about which console is better. Oh - and with the DIVX/XVID scenario(s) now you are wasting space with what you are doing. I can store 4 high def (720p) movies on a drive in the space you store one ripped dual layer dvd.

The only FACT is that right now the only bad press the xbox 360 receives is the RROD complaints and some people who say its noisy (i have never seen the noisy problem but did have a RROD). Either way Microsoft owned up to the issue and gave a 3 year warranty. Ps3 is plagued by having few titles worth buying. Multi platform games are better on the 360 by viewing most of the side by side comparisons on the web (but thats expected with the bigger graphics capabilities of the 360). And what can we say about all the delays you guys have with the PS3. Oh and don't forget the less than stellar Playstation Network that you get for free. If it costs money nobody would buy it, cause it ain't worth it and HOME will just be a pain in the butt. Anyways though the console war is not really a war at all, just an online B#$&^-Fest with people defending the consoles they bought. Enjoy the DELAYSTATION 3 their buckos and bring on the comments.