PlayStation Vita is a game changer

SONY will tomorrow launch a gadget that could determine the fate of the portable gaming market.

The PlayStation Vita will offer gamers unprecedented technology for a portable console, including an OLED touchscreen, quad-core processor and built-in 3G internet connection.

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Knight_Cid3368d ago

"SONY will tomorrow launch a gadget that could determine the fate of the portable gaming market. "

I thought the 3ds did that and won?

darthv723367d ago

As much as i am excited to get a vita it should be pointed out that it will only be a game changer to the core audience that get one. It is obviously not for the casual crowd even though it will have the social apps they think the social crowd enjoys.

For that they will stick to what works for them (tablets/phones) but this device is all about the next gen in handhelp gaming. Something only the most dedicated are willing to endure spending the $$$ for up front.

Not saying others wont buy it that arent core but the majority of the core audience are the ones on this site and are seriously hyped for it. Plenty of others out there will likely dismiss this as another PSP and not give it a 2nd look.

I dont want to rain on the parade (even though it seems like I am). Im just saying it like it is. younger kids dont know that much about it because they play their ds's. Casuals dont know that much about it because it isnt the latest smartphone with apps like fartzinger (or whatever).

Its us...the ones in between that are the most knowing and up to date. Kids and casuals outnumber the core by 100+ to 1. Unless all of us go out and start preaching the word on the street then the only games being changed will be ones you insert and remove from the vita.

*okay, that was weird*

LOGICWINS3367d ago

Won? The 3DS "won" the fate of the portable gaming market? If thats what you meant, then your gunna have to explain because that makes no sense.

GribbleGrunger3367d ago

yeah, that's what i thought. lol.

Knight_Cid3367d ago

yeah they won the fate of the portable gaming market by being number 1 and breaking records

Skateboard3367d ago

What do you define as winning ? I define it by the number of people you make happy and the critics reception to the product and it's games.

Numbers are just that NUMBERS!!! Everyone is a winner when they get what they want for their gaming needs.

Nintendo isn't going anywhere and Sony isn't going anywhere if one has to die in order for other to win it's a DRAW.

Hicken3367d ago

Yeah, we can ALL tell that you own a Vita, like you claim.


Oh, and before I forget: how the hell do you "win" fate?

I could go on and on about how the 3DS didn't bring much new to the handheld scene, or about how much the Vita IS bringing, but I won't.


Geez, dude, you'll say the dumbest shit if it's for the sake of making the 3DS look good, the Vita look bad, or both.

Lex_Dangerously 3367d ago

All you do is troll. Quit being a jerk with your childish behavior and negativity.

Seriously get over yourself.

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LX-General-Kaos3368d ago

Sonys new device is an amazing machine. Sony has also come out to say that they would continue to support the Vita for years to come. If they stay focus and work hard they can also share some of the same success as the award winning Nintendo 3DS. Which will push hand helds further to the top.

TheController3367d ago

I personally hope it does well. It's a marvelous machine that is getting great reviews, despite all of the fog produced by the hate machine.

I played it yesterday at Best Buy and I just can't wait to get my hands on it tomorrow. I'll be throwing alot of money at it to do my part of keeping it successful.

Kurisu3367d ago

I will be getting the bus to town in...just under 9 hours. Vita will be mine in less than 10! \o/

IRetrouk3367d ago

7 and a half for me, the store wouldn't do a midnight launch but they are opending at 8, can't wait, trading in my 3ds, kids got 1 so can use that.

fei-hung3367d ago

same here. i am giddy like a kid in a candy store. my wife is jealous as to how excited i am over the damn thing compared to my inlaws visiting tomorrow (duh!!!).

I may be very wrong with what I say next, but I think the Vita will do very well compared to the PSP. I remember when the PSP launched and as great as it looked and as much the sales reps promoted it at the shops in the UK, I never seen much interest in it as it was a small ps2. I didnt have a need for it as the ps2 was already doing all that.

The Vita on the other hand is its own device and also compliments the ps3 (which the psp didnt do properly if at all on the ps2 or ps3).

It has the ps3 style hardcore games but then it has games like Escape Plan and Little Deviants.

It has cross platform play, it has core games like Uncharted but with the cheap but wonderful puzzle sections that some of us love that we usually find in cheap android and IOS stores.

The Vita has a chance to be the closest thing to a perfect handheld (IMO) and as long as Sony can ensure they will support it and provide games which offer the variety of gameplay, I can see it doing it doing well.

Bottomline is, I was adament I wont buy one and now I am 8hours away from picking up my pre-order.

Cryptcuzz3367d ago

I truly wish it does well as I will be getting one on launch day. If it does not, I can only assume what would become of dedicated portable gaming systems in the future in general. +1

IHateYouFanboys3367d ago

wow, i hadnt seen the price of Vita games here in aus - $69 for uncharted etc is ridiculous. for those that dont know, most PS3/360 games come out at either $79 or $89 in shops like JB Hifi. $69 for a portable game is highway murder.

Soldierone3367d ago

I agree, it's just one game though. Only reason I bought it was to get a 3rd game free lol. Saved 40 dollars, so its not that big of a deal.

NotSoSilentBob3366d ago

Take me off your block list and we can talk over PM.

josephayal3367d ago

Welcome to the Tecnology revolution, All thanks to SONY

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