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GodisaGeek: " If you grab Motorstorm RC you won’t be able to put it down. The one-more-go hook of trying to beat a time or get the gold medal is like a drug and you’ll find yourself playing it whenever you get a spare moment in your day. An absolute must-own title, whichever system you choose to play it on."

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sinncross2433d ago

This game has been getting some good scores.

Cant wait to pick it up tomorrow!!!

portal_22433d ago

I'm looking forward to this :)

mcstorm2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

This game reminds me of 2 classic games Micros Machines and Super skid marks. I am defo going to get this game when I get my PSV.

Toman852433d ago

If I have the memorycard tomorrow then I will buy it :)
Always been a fan of Motorstorm since the first!

Rainstorm812433d ago

When i first saw it i thought of RC Pro Am (NES)or Rock and Roll Racing (SNES) and the fact that if you buy it it is unlocked on the Vita and PS3.......IM SOLD!

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