Sakaguchi: Final Fantasy 1 is my proudest moment

Hinorobu Sakaguchi may have recently said that he's sick of talking about Final Fantasy but the RPG director has revealed that the original Final Fantasy game is the one that he's most proud of.

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Titanz2847d ago

Too bad the franchise isn't as great as it use to be.

JsonHenry2847d ago

He should be proud. It was so amazing and "new" (to consoles) at the time.

Megaman_nerd2847d ago

well, the game was basically a Dragon Quest clone. It wasn't until FFIII or maybe IV that they finally created their own identity by introducing convoluted stories and the ATB system. =/

RedDead2847d ago


I had to look up the definition just to make sure I was sure you meant what I think you meant. How in the world are FF stories complicated? They are very straightforward. The only time I remember being confused is because I refused to read the datalog in FFXIII.

CanadianTurtle2847d ago

You're saying it like its a bad thing, but the fact is that FF was the better series because it innovated more.

DA_SHREDDER2847d ago

The only true FF that ever stood a chance against the old Dragon Warrior games is FFX.

MegaSackman2847d ago

Didnt he said that he wont talk about Final Fantasy anymore?

Capt-FuzzyPants2847d ago

Yea but it was after he had a bunch of interviews already in that same day. So this was probably before.