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ElasticLove3361d ago

If the game is as good as the show, then expect a purchase from me in the near future.

maniacmayhem3361d ago

Great show, if only they would actually show new episodes.

lizard812883361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

I know right. As far as I know, Cartoon Network hasn't even aired the full 1st season yet. They are dragging their feet about it, with like a half year hiatus, then they start to air new episodes, but now they seem to be killing off action Fridays, and moving 95% of their action shows to Saturday mornings. With only Star Wars and Lego being the only ones left.


I don't want to watch Lego Ninjago for 2 hours!

Moncole3361d ago

It makes me mad that they almost never show new episodes. But the next one is coming out March 4th.