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Sony India has told retailers, both online or offline, not to offer straight-up discounts or bundle offers on their upcoming console, the Playstation Vita.

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Soplox3365d ago

If that's true, that's a really dumb Move. If you use your math the Vita price is $300+(With just a single game) and that's why retailers were doing those discounts and bundles to be able to sell the Vita.

MasterCornholio3365d ago

If retailers are willing to take a hit to sell the console. Just let them it's not like it's going to affect Sony negatively.


gamingdroid3364d ago

Actually it does affect Sony negatively:

1. It could stimulate the perception that PS Vita isn't selling and therefore retailers are discounting to move units.

2. A discounted price, means consumers expect lower priced PS Vita's i.e. the original price will never sell.

It's essentially price control by Sony.

growlancer73365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

I think this is BS.
Firstly, anonymous sources are never reliable.
Also, why would Sony give a shit about stores giving discounts, they wont be the ones losing money, the store will.

chadzer3365d ago

Yo read the first two words again in the beginning of the brief preview of the story it says "SONY INDIA....."

this has nothing to do with America nor Euro nor Aussie Markets.....
Damn, doesn't anybody read the fine print....

plmkoh3364d ago

Correct, the fact that it relates to "Sony India" is important because their local pricing could include much greater premium than what we are used, similar to how a PS2 costs $800 in Brazil.

JBSleek3365d ago

Sony has already sold the hardware to the stores so why would they care. The stores themselves are cutting profit margins.

I would like to see a $50-$80 cut of the Vita from Sony so I can rationalize getting one. And offer 5-10 buck games that don't break the wallet but to get back on point this story makes no practical sense.

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