Tretton dismisses publisher price demands

Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton has responded to publisher demands over the PS3's pricing by suggesting that firm's should politely mind their own business

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Skerj4730d ago

We've read this before, but I think Jack was right in what he was trying to say. He should have conveyed it differently, seeing as it's a symbiotic relationship. Even though publishers still need the systems to make money, the hardware manufacturers need the games to sell their hardware to people in the first place. In this era you can't afford to shoot yourself in the foot in that aspect as we've seen. Unless you have some mysterious hardware that doesn't require games from outside publishers, but I heard those won't be out until the PS9 in 2079.

gamesblow4730d ago

Can you spin it anymore? Dear lord... How pathetic... He simply said "Maybe they should get into the hardware business" That's it. I hate how every SLAP ASS is out to hurt Sony's rep these days. I'm gettin' really sick of this site. Every 3 days we see 3 week old news get re-used over and over and over. Jack was in the right. It's not up to a publisher or developer totell us what a system is worth. It's their job to make enough quality content so we see the worth in the systems available.

That's my take.

Ju4730d ago

I think he's right. Have you ever heard them (HW vendors) suggesting, the game prices should probably be lower to reach more customers ? (not that they would, that would hurt their license scheme, I'd suppose).

Avto4730d ago

he has got a point there can't argue with him

boodybandit4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

How about the consumers telling the game developers and publishers we don't want to pay $60 dollars per game. Why did they go up $10 dollars since last gen? Production / development cost? Oh but the same can't be said about console manufacturing? Exactly.

Developers / publishers are just running at the mouth because the more consoles on the market, the more potential for their pockets to swell. The cheaper the console the faster the user base will grow.

It's all PKB to me

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The story is too old to be commented.