Latest episode of Inside PS Vita discusses 'Power & Performance'

El33tonline writes:

"The PS Vita is the most powerful handheld device the world has ever seen, possessing a 4-core CPU and GPU along with 512MB of system RAM. The device’s technical specs allow it to output graphics that are comparable to games running on PS3 - an astonishing accomplishment."

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joeorc3361d ago

Myth: psvita is mainly getting ports

busted myth" no its not.

specs on the system is able to handle ps3 assets.

Quad core cpu an Quad core GPU

an yet some gamers think the PSVita is too expensive!

Just my opinion Many gamers today it seems want a luxury automobile at the same price as a hatchback.

If only sony did not have that back rear touch pad they could sell it for a lower cost. Of course than you have the very same people say where is the innovation?

hello rear touch pad on a gaming handheld console, not innovative enough for you?