Roccat Launch “Isn’t PC Gaming Dead?” Website

Ironhammers: In a frighteningly similar matter to Razer’s recent “PC gaming is alive” fiasco, Roccat, another top PC gaming peripheral manufacturer have today launched a website entitled “Isn’t PC Gaming Dead?” It seems the company has a new product up its sleeve, and we’ll likely find out more about it at the upcoming CeBIT event.

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hiredhelp3361d ago

Ive made my comment on there many may not agree because of the change or the added option.

Lets try motion gaming now. Keyboard mouse great but many devs lack support controllers, im a old gen gamer 33 years old. I want the power of a mouse but the comftability of a controller..

LightofDarkness3361d ago

I'd like to see a controller that uses an analogue stick instead of WASD for movement controls, while keeping a number of other keys available around it for assigning other functions. It could also be much smaller than a full blown keyboard. Plus, you'd only ever have to use 1 finger for movement instead of three potentially necessary finger, which would aid in economy of motion I suppose.

kevnb3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

it all exists. Might take a little reading and messing around for certain games/setups, but virtually anything is possible.

iamgoatman3361d ago

The Belkin n52te is sort of like that, it has a d-pad with thumb pad attachment you can use for movement, although it's not as good as a controller analog stick it's still alright for games that don't require precise movement.

rizzo-rizzo3361d ago

i'd like 3d 360 vision, with my eyes in the side & back of my head, seeing both up/down. *roll eyes*