Most PS3 owners are connected to HDTVs, Xbox 360 / Wii not far behind

Darren Murphy of Engadgethd writes about the use of HDTVs with the top three next-gen consoles:

We'll be straight with you: we aren't shocked in the slightest with these results, and while we're sure conjecture will fly over the underlying meanings, the results speak for themselves, really. According to new data from Nielsen Research Group, 71-percent of all PlayStation 3 consoles are connected to some form of HDTV (either LCD, plasma or front / rear projection), while 66-percent of Xbox 360s and 65-percent of Wiis were found to be played on a high-definition set. 'Course, it follows logic that the console with the built-in HD movie player would be most highly used on HDTVs, but considering just how many Wii owners also own an HDTV, it's downright depressing to think how stellar Wii Sports could be in 1080i.

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Darkiewonder4730d ago

I'm connected to an HDTV. At first I've always was exposed to composite cables all my life when it came to gaming. but when I read about the high-end graphics that could be done. i didn't really care still. But when I plugged in the composite cable to the ps3 to the HDTV. i was like ew. So I ordered some HDMI cable and wow. was i impressed then. oh yeah.. and I use Component cable for the 360. I love it. more pixels please.

mboojigga4730d ago

Well this makes sense since most are told you need HDMI to connect for the best picture for BR movies. God knows it isn't because of the HD gaming with the poor sales of BR games.

Skerj4730d ago

But I'm connected to HDMI for gaming and until now I've not owned a single BR movie, they haven't even arrived yet.

xsteinbachx4730d ago

You don't go out much do you?

razer4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Same here.. I'm hooked up HDMI and haven't purchased a single BR movie. HD gaming is the only way to play.. (61" Samsung)

ActionBastard4730d ago

Maybe the blu ray logo and HDMI connection had something to do with it Engadgethd? Hmm? Ya think?

Jinxstar4730d ago

56 inches of HD with 5.1... Do I need to upgrade? Hell no =P

Bonsai12144730d ago

never found the speaker on top to be necessary... but thats just me

60" of 1080p and a 5.1 system here. pure bliss with blu-ray

ruiner44824730d ago

Speaker on top? Do you mean the center channel. If so that is probably one of the most important speakers in a 5.1 setup.

gamesblow4730d ago

47 in Amblight 1080P tv and a 40 in Bravia 1080P ... Both awesome tv's... amblight is better for gaming, easily.

xsteinbachx4730d ago

32" Panasonic :( with 5.1, with remote control on my psp... but i did just buy a quad core computer.

fury4730d ago

32" Toshiba C3005P with two 1080p HDMI ports and a Toshiba Satellite X200 notebook with 1080p HDMI. The 360 is hooked up via VGA. damn M$, when I bought the 360 there was no HDMI....just AV.
Sound system? I use the speakers of my HDTV, because I'm short of money.
PS3? I have yet to buy year.

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The story is too old to be commented.