Papercraft Halo Dropship Couldn't Withstand a Slight Breeze

Via Ripten:

"In the future, wars will be fought not with plasma cannons and energy swords, but with tiny spaceships made out of paper and glue. So what if humankind ultimately loses the war? Our cute paper armadas will charm every alien life form in the galaxy."

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gamesblow4730d ago

Basically the blu-ray camp made a whole lotta eggs and then thru them on Paramount and main HD-dvd backer Toshiba's FACES!!

I only buy Blu-ray now. That's the way it's always going to be too... well, until something better comes along for us.

Surviver4730d ago

WTF ok ur odd, why woudl you..oy

on topic, thats pretty neat, do u print them off or something?