The Making of Unreal Tournament 3

Enjoy this video of Epic working to perfect their flagship title, Unreal Tournament 3.

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HarryEtTubMan4934d ago

Simply amazing graphics. Pick this work of art up!

faisdotal4933d ago

I wonder if i can spot someone playing it on the X360.

Crazyglues4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

The problem with Unreal is the single player mode: Now Hear me out, I know the the game is about multi-player matches but just think about how amazing this game would have been with a strong single player mode.

I don't know if you remember that trailer they should where a robot was chasing him though the building and it just kept coming. (if anyone has a link to that video please post it here in a reply)

That scene made me really excited about the game and I was hoping for a story like gears of war, but with robots like that one in the tech-demo trailer. That would have been amazing.. If you had to fight robots like that one.. and the human race was on the run trying to survive.

This would have just made this game the next halo. It would have been something really special. But I think they didn't really understand the need for it, it's really sad because with the mouse and keyboard the game is amazing.

I mean if you have not tried it with a mouse, and you are a computer gamer then you don't know what you are missing because the feel is Unreal. -So it's just said that they did put a lot of work into making a killer one-player mode. Something like Gears Of War -yes I know gears of war uses this engine.

but I guess they used it different in the sense it really pops on textures and graphics... where Unreal does too but not with the same kind of detail... I guess I would have just liked a more movie like story.

That's all I'm saying, other then that great game. especially love the mouse and keyboard feel. (I use Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard in case you where wondering...
you can get it now off ebay for like 50 to 70 bucks. -

natedogg254933d ago

great video that shows the hard work that Epic put into this great game