Video Games Will Never Be Timeless, Akin To Classic Cinema Or Literature

It's only natural to feel a strong nostalgic resonance with a piece of artwork. Look at literary works such as Huckleberry Finn or Dante's Inferno that only seem to gain popularity as the slow weather of time imprints their narratives into the deepest psyches of our mind. So why then do the classic games of our time fall short as the years slowly wear them away?

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jonboi244730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

What the in the blue hell, games can never be timeless? Thats just bull, pls if you look back in video game's history and you look at games like Super Mario Bros, Pac-Man, Donkey-Kong, Street Fighter 2 and many other classic games they don't just wear away as time goes by. Even to this day I and millions.... and millions of gamers still play these timeless classic. Especially with next-gen console allowing you to download old classic games like the virtual console on the Wii classic games don't just wear away they are reintroduce to new a generation of gamers. When I read a good book I like it may stay in the "deepest psyches of my mind" but I wouldn't want to read it again and again. When you read a book a second time its never the same as you read it it the first time because you know whats gonna happen but with a game though u know what may happen its always a little different each time you play it. Look at Super Mario Bros. its been nearly 15 years since I first played it and I still play it to this day. So yes video classic games can be timeless and if you think otherwise you sir/miss are on crack.

JsonHenry4730d ago

Super Mario Brothers 3 is timeless.

gamesR4fun4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

I still remember playing pools of radiance brilliant story great game and a classic to anyone who's ever played it. Even games like maniac mansion have there place in history. Just because it hasnt reached the same audience has those other classics doesnt mean it has less worth.
No indeeed games have had more influence on my generation than any movie or book imo...
Look at the endless sequels some games get why because they are (for the most part) classics and the best thing about being a game is that it can be rewritten and improved with every generation...
No if anything movies book and classical art are becoming less a part of mainstream life while games are gaining more and more momentum every day....
Some might say its a sign of a dumbed down world I think not has games are not passive like books and art but force you to use your senses and skill to develop and even shape the story. Improving your memory logic hand eye coordination and even social skills.
I've read thousands of books (nope not exaggerating) and while Ill say some have left me better off for having read them few have had the impact of a good game. (at least in regards to fiction)

edit took out the last sentence after rereading the article but I want to say that games are even more likely to be remade than a movie especially the classic games. Furthermore with the big surge in emulators it would seem to me that more people than ever are actually playing them old 'forgotten' games. So no their not doomed at all in fact they are doing a whole lot better than most of the classic movies Ive heard of.

Prismo_Fillusion4730d ago

"Video Games Will Be Timeless, Akin To Classic Cinema Or Literature"

Jman41834730d ago

To the two who commented,

Please read my article all the way to the end before you make an assumption.

gamesR4fun4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

still feel the same...
Look mate your wrong imo a classic game doesnt need a new coat of paint to be enjoyed (same goes double for classic movies) How many of us still treasure our old com 64 or still play the old n64 for fun? lots I imagine Even my kids get a big kick out of some of the so called classics. No need for them to be forgotten why do you think emulators are so popular m8 ppl love the classics and will always love them.

More so than movies imo has games offer much more entertainment value and sure they may never see the spotlight again but same goes for movies.

IntelligentAj4730d ago

I don't think the price of out future is the past. All of the classics(Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, Zelda just to name a few) are easily replayable and no one who has played these games can say that they have fell out of favor or aren't "timeless"

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