Asura's Wrath Review - The Digital Fix

Every now and then you get a game which dares to try something new, something different. It happens less and less these days, in an age of development where a single success can make a company forever and a failure sink one. In the businessman’s world this means the minimisation of risk is key and everything else is secondary. Learn what the players want, create a game based on that foundation, test it amongst gamers and discuss within focus groups ad infinitum. Repeat the process if it works and add more titles into the mix to milk the IP until the next one comes along. It’s an acceptable way to do things - the games often are good and do pass the time but never the less, they don’t quite get the blood pumping around the body like something new and exciting and original can do. What every gamer longs for - even if they don’t realise it - is the next big thing; that something new which mesmerises the senses as much as the smell of fresh cut grass on a bright spring day.

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CanadianTurtle3361d ago

The first reviews are ALWAYS 9/10, or 10/10 reviews, even for really crap games...

I'm waiting for actual reviews to come out, not paid ones

d80s0q3361d ago

Have you even played this game? Do you know this site have been paid? Do Edge with their 8 and Famitsu with their 38/40 get paid, too?