Sakurai Finally Making Moves on Next Smash Bros.

Andriasang writes, "Kid Icarus Uprising is almost out. For Project Sora head Masahiro Sakurai, that means it's time to start work on the next Smash Bros. game."

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LX-General-Kaos3372d ago

That is great news for ALL nintendo fans. The last smash brothers game was a true AAA 10/10. In my honest opinion the greatest fighting game of this generation. Hopefully the next one breaks new ground and takes it to the next level once again.

princejb1343372d ago

melee was still better than brawl
i give brawl a 8/10 since the gameplay mechanic was a downgrade from melee

Titanz3372d ago

Though it'll take awhile before it gets released.

LX-General-Kaos3372d ago

It most likely will take awhile, but nintendo has never let us down with a smash bros game. Our patients will be rewarded.

mike1up3372d ago

Yes it will.

I cannot wait for some (true) online Smashin!

Shok3372d ago

Yes! Finally. Kid Icarus is finally done so now work will start on Smash Bros.

Biohazard88603372d ago

Great news i love me some smash bros !

Instigator3372d ago

And so the waiting game begins. I remember how excruciating the wait for Brawl was, and is gonna be way bigger.

mike1up3372d ago

[email protected] "excruciating".

Agreed. I will never forget, after all that waiting, I came home with a copy of Brawl and my Wii couldn't even read the disc.

This was the only time that I have ever truly considered mass murder. True story.

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The story is too old to be commented.