Geek Revolt: Gravity Daze Review "Forget The PS3 Spin-Offs, We Need More Games Like This"

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

The PS Vita has a great launch line-up, but most of the first party titles are just spin-offs (or ports) of PS3 games. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this, but the PS Vita deserves a unique game that truly makes the system worth owning. Well, this is where Gravity Daze comes in.

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crxss2435d ago

always thought this game looked interesting, back when the game was called "project gravity". shame i wont be getting a PSV anytime soon. not until the 2nd gen one... not a huge fan of it's form factor and lack of actual triggers.

Snookies122435d ago

I've heard amazing things about this game, and was excited from the moment I saw the first bit of news on the game. This should be the system seller for a lot of people, I mean honestly... How can you NOT want to play Gravity Daze? It's just too much fun to mess with gravity... If you haven't tried it, play the demo! o_o

NovusTerminus2435d ago

IS the demo on the Vita store?

I was going to get this game with Shinobido 2 on Wednesday but it got delayed or the release date was not very clear, EITHER way, I still plan of getting it.

And the only demo they have on the Vita display here is Little Deviants.

Snookies122435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Ah that's true, it's only on the Korean and Japanese PS stores. D:

Yeah though, the game's release date (in North America) is set sometime after April I think... I'm not sure if they've given a confirmed release date outside of Japan though.

Stephen55432435d ago

I played the demo for this game. I guess the demo wasn't very representative of the final product, because it didn't seem like a 10/10 from the demo. Definitely good news, though. I hope to see more reviews like this one.

Mikhail2435d ago

When I saw its trailer, it was love at first sight for me.

Surfaced2435d ago

Exactly. From the time we first saw the NGP, the 10 seconds we saw of Gravity Daze told everything. It was by far the most interesting 1st party game in the works, yet SCEA/SCEE have always downplayed it, like they aren't confident of its commercial viability in the West. If you go to Vita Hill, they have demos for every 1st party Vita game EXCEPT Gravity Rush. Huge mistake on their part.

Marceles2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

This was the system seller for me and thought it would be a launch title in the US :(. I hope it comes out before May, I've wanted this game since it was first announced. A 10/10 without even knowing the story is pretty amazing lol

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