Get a PS Vita Wi-Fi For only $231 With This Hidden Deal

TQ: You better hurry on this one, The PlayStation Vita is only 1 day away and in order to get this deal, you have to pre-order soon.

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MasterCornholio2484d ago

I preordered mine from amazon for 230€ with a free 8GB memory card.


MadMax2484d ago

Geez, you guys pay a bundle out there for games dont you! Im out here in the states and just picked up the wifi version, 4gb card and 3 games for around $390 plus tax of course. got a $20 gift card outta the purchase and thats expensive to me.

I guess i shouldnt complain too much. Its an incredible handheld i have to admit. I wasnt going to get one, because i already have a 3DS which i do enjoy. I tried one out for the first time today and knew within seconds i was going to buy one! It seriously is like a portable PS3. Uncharted looks outta control! You will not be disappointed.

Smashbro292484d ago

Lockerz has the 3G bundle for 250. Yeah.