PS Vita Wallpaper for your sexy new handheld

6 fantastic new custom wallpapers for your PlayStation Vita.

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JoGam2431d ago

Im sorry but you want me to put those on my OLED screen Vita? HAHAHAHAHA, Those are crappy.

TheController2431d ago

I personally like the art style. I'll prolly add them for the first month or two just to remind me how awesome my vita is :)

Pixel_Enemy2431d ago

Art style? That is a photoshop elements filter..

tarbis2431d ago

I think I'll use my anime wallpapers instead.... Now, where the heck did I put my Gravity Daze wallpaper... ? hmmmm....

Godmars2902431d ago

No, not sexy at all.

Not even mildly attractive.

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