Pokémon director teases upcoming announcement

Pokémon Black/White director, Junichi Masuda, recently attended a Q&A on February 18th, where he was asked by a fan when we would see the next game in the series after Black/White.

To this, Masuda replied that, while he couldn’t give a proper reply, fans should keep an eye on Pokémon Smash, the weekly television show that airs on Sundays in Japan.

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LX-General-Kaos3368d ago

Things once again are looking bright for Nintendo and the millions... and millions of Nintendos fans.

Ilovetheps53368d ago

I hope that it's Pokemon Gray. I would buy it first day. If it was on 3DS, it would be amazing. I can't wait to hear the announcement. Sadly, I doubt it will be Gray, but I can hope, right?

Reborn3368d ago

Didn't they show a kinda new Pokemon game before? The one with the samurai guys controlling the Pokemon?

Either way, probably a new game coming up.

majiebeast3368d ago

100 more crappy looking pokemon and same old game and people whine about activision when nintendo has been doing it since the first pokemon game released.

Shackdaddy8363368d ago

Why don't you go play your CoD and stop bugging all of us.

dark-hollow3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Actually IF you played Pokemon from red blue to black white you would know that the core gameplay has changed a lot.

Natures which determines what values of the Pokemon will have a boost/decrease.
I rather have an adamant groudon than shiny bold groudon so nature is very important.

Physical and special moves are not determined by the type of the attack like it was in the older games (meaning that fire attacks was always counted as special attacks but now it can be physical or special depending on the attack it self. Fire punch is physical and flamethrower is special)

Effort values which are the most important aspects in training a good Pokemon.
A charizard with maxed effort values is way more powerful than a charizard who is poorly trained.

Individual values which is much harder to explain and determine but it basically similar to effort values.

Special attacks that depends on the field it self and some changed with the weather.

Speaking of weather, the weather can also effect some aspect like if it was sunny water attacks will be much weaker and fire attacks gets a boost and solar beam can be launched immediately.
When its raining thunder have %100 accuracy and so on.

Double and triple matches and a lot more.
All these things were add recently in the core mechanics of the gameplay so try playing the games first before making judgment.

LX-General-Kaos3368d ago

You did not have to come in here crying about COD or activision. Nintendo fans were in here simply discussing pokemon. Nobody cares what happened to COD for right now.

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Toman853368d ago

Lets hope it will be Pokemon Grey for Nintendo 3DS!!! Pwease :3

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