Tokyo Game Show 2012 Detailed

CESA has shared final details on this year's Tokyo Game Show.

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DarkSniper2521d ago

Dark Sniper is ecstatic to see the resurgence of the east in the land of the rising sun. With the upcoming PlayStation® Vita handheld in it's first fiscal year, Dark Sniper cannot wait to see what titles are in store for the behemoth handheld device.

TGS 2012 will be an excellent day for Dark Sniper to enjoy his glass of Dom Perigon and witness one of the greatest shows to grace the eastern territory.


BlmThug2520d ago

Whats with the third person?

M4I0N32520d ago

he likes to be dramatic

Rage_S902519d ago

I am honored to read your comment Dark.

Knight_Cid2520d ago

tgs is the best conference

Captain Qwark 92520d ago

i hope from shows up with some news on the souls series!!!!

NYC_Gamer2520d ago

SE should release another Brave Fencer that's like the only game from them that i really enjoy.

KeybladeMaster2520d ago

I hope they give Versus XIII a proper unvieling and release date well before TGS. E3 would be better, heck GDC would be great. A few months ago Kitase and Nomura said that the game would be shown and more in the "next few months". Well it's been a few months and I am still waiting.

Outside_ofthe_Box2520d ago

God knows how much I really want versus 13 to release this year. I really hope it releases this fall.

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