In Game Advertising: Is It Too Much?

In-game advertisements are becoming more and more prevalent. The question is, how much is too much? and should in-game advertisements really even matter to gamers?

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deep_fried_bum_cake3371d ago

From my point of view no. If someone picks up a can of Pepsi in a game, I'm not going to be paying attention to it. I think that if the revenue from advertising these products is going toward the developers and not the publishers then fair enough.

Nitrowolf23371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

I think it's when it's thrown in your face that it becomes annoying.
I think in-game advertisement should only be something that comes naturally to you. Like I would hate to see them on load screens.

Like this, even though it's been removed

stuff on billboards, and sports banner. i think those are kind of natural thing that I mean

NukaCola3371d ago

'Product Placement' is a cool thing. I don't feel compelled to buy it, but having a real world item or location in a game gives it a sense of realism and personal relation. It's just a step towards realism. I would be a little more excited to see a McDonald's in a game than a Burger World. It's cool to of ducked behind a Full Throttle vending machine in Homefront as it's something to relate to the real world(totally a PP marketing technique though..hehe)

_Aarix_3371d ago

What the clucking chicken isn't good enough for you? :/

skyblue142133371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

"In Game Advertising: Is It Too Much?"

- Yes it is too much.

If we gamers were getting a decent discount when buying the game brand new then it might not be too much of a deal, but because some gamers buy games at the full msrp they should not have to deal with advertising. It is like paying someone for the opportunity to watch commercials, which is absolutely ridiculous imo.

Non-gaming companies pay money to video game publishers for in-game advertising, why shouldn't the developer and gaming consumer also benefit from that if the publisher is. After all publishers usually make multiple times over of the original amount of money that they invest in each game.

Most publishers pay most of their employees bare minimum going rate in their chosen profession and expect them to work long hour days to reach the unreasonable deadlines that they impose on the developer due to corporate greed! And that is one of the main reasons why this video game generation is suffering mostly when it comes to new innovative ip's. Though there are a few publishers that have been bringing out great new innovative ip's that are of good quality, thus those few major companies are the exception to what I just said.

Still, Imo corporate greed will probably be the main cause of the next video game crash if it ever happens because most companies now a days mostly take the the safe route/bet and that hinders industry growth. It happened and was the major cause of the video game crash of 1983, so it could still happen today. Why don't some companies ever learn from history before it is too late.

CanadianTurtle3371d ago

What makes you think I don't like being advertised to buy more games? The super smash bros series is a good example of in game advertising. Without Smash Bros, I wouldn't have gotten into Zelda, Metroid, FZero, Earthbound, etc.

I like being advertised "in game."

Nintendo, please take my money because you DESERVE it.