Call of Duty Hate Is Getting Pathetic

Even though Infinity Ward is on its knees begging the community to tea bag it, gamers still have the capacity to bitch and moan about how it needs to "change" and offer something new.

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badjournalism3368d ago

Large quantities of butthurt detected. Prepare the Preperation-H torpedoes.

Titanz3368d ago

If/when the COD franchise does die - Activision will only have themselves to blame.

LOGICWINS3367d ago

Actually, when COD dies, Activision will most likely replace it with something else that'll sell like hotcakes. You think they haven't planned ahead for the day that the mainstream gets tired of COD?

Megaman_nerd3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

only if producing games that sell like hotcakes were that easy....

aceitman3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

these 2 can say it the best its because of the greed.

ATi_Elite3367d ago

COD has been a great series with 3 classic titles COD1 COD2 and CODMW1.

it's made a mega ton of cash and has broken all kinds of records.

But the series has lost all innovation and people are just paying $60 for CODMW1 DLC

I hate COD cause i'm use to COD raising the bar of FPS gameplay but now it's just a money grab catering to CASUALS who i would never play a FPS against cause they SUCK!

But then again i love COD cause it keeps all the N0obs OFF the BF3 server. Casual gamers hate BF3 cause "it's too hard" and "you gotta use teamwork"!

thank you COD!

ritsuka6663368d ago

People hate COD Because like to hate anything that is popular. It may also have something to do with the glitches it has/had.

I still like to play COD it with friends whenever I'm bored though.

rdgneoz33367d ago

Might be a bit from bugs, but probably from them milking the franchise to death. As well as the DLC that should have been in the retail copy in the first place.

Ducky3367d ago

Why should it have been in the retail copy in the first place? O.o

Summons753367d ago

I haven't been interested in cod since 4, they all look and play the same with the same about of bugs in them as the last. I am also sick of shooters being shoved down my throat. Not because "its popular"

adorie3367d ago

People "hate" CoD because they realize it's the same engine, same buildings (lol) and garners enough sales that multiple games could become successes with just a part of IT's success.

CoD is a success because it essentially became the new "Madden" and had people and their *friends* hooked since the 4th game came out on consoles. This in effect snowballed with every new release, the anticipation of friends buying on day one so they can just skip the single player and go straight for MP.

As we know, all good things come to an end and the snowball effect is sure to reverse itself, unless Activision updates the game to the point where it truly looks like a bona fide sequel and changes game mechanics enough to make it fresh...

Virtual_Reality3367d ago

You forgot that COD Community went to downhill. Is more immature, racist, more childish and more casual than before.

marioPSUC3367d ago

There will come a day where COD will just die cause of what Activision has done. They've already killed other successful franchises such as Tony hawk, and the music games like Guitar hero.

This guy saying that the only people who hate the game are bad players is a retarded assumption. Just because I suck at Halo I don't hate it, I enjoy it. And I get that they can't just ditch an engine, but they really should be working on a new one.

Der_Kommandant3367d ago

Call of Duty Is Getting Pathetic

Nozzle3367d ago

It's not getting pathetic, it's well deserved hate. They've milked it, put no effort into it and it's set a bad example in the industry, such a bad example that developers try and copy the COD online ruining some great online games.

I'm just upset with the idiots who actually buy them aswell so don't think I'm just hating on IW or Activision.

Lex_Dangerously 3367d ago

Yep. I'm an idiot for occasionally popping in CoD to play it with my roommate.

Nothing wrong with thinking like that at all.


Hicken3367d ago

You know, I COULD be wrong, but I think he's talking more about the people who buy every game and SWEAR it's the best game ever. The people who buy multiple copies of the same one. The people who won't give anything else a chance. The people who don't see ANY problems with the franchise and can't imagine why people complain about it.

Nah, he's just talkin about you and your roommate.

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