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GraveLord2457d ago

Sony never said that exactly. If you watched the video, you would have known.

jwk942457d ago

Geoff- Are we going to be seeing games coming from Guerilla, Media Molecule, Santa Monica, even Naughty Dog?

Sony- Absolutely, well you'll see a number of games coming out from all of our studios. Starts at 9:00 in the interview.

-Mika-2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

I was just about to write that. Some people need to stop being fanboys and get their information correct before they start spouting non-sense.

rezzah2456d ago

It may not mean that they have plans for ND to make a Vita game right away.

Instead it may mean that they will probably try and get all their studios to EVENTUALLY work on a Vita game.

ginsunuva2456d ago

Obviously ALL their studios wont work on a vita game.

user77927882456d ago

That doesn't mean there working on a Ps Vita title as we speak

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rezzah2456d ago

According to jwk94 comment, they did. However they did not state when, meaning Sony probably wants them to make a game for the Vita in the future.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2456d ago

Oh well, there's still plenty of other devs developing for the vita. A naughty dog vita game would be amazing though.

gtxgamer22456d ago

That doesnt mean they wont work on Vita in the future? they are quite busy right now

Bathyj2456d ago

I'm fine with Naughty Dog doing what theyre doing.

C'mon guys, how much blood can you wring from that stone?

THC CELL2456d ago

Is ok naughty dog kee pp focus on uncharted 4 and the last of us.. Sony have enough studiosg working on the l
Psv.. Where the hell is sucker punch lol drool infamous vita hehehe

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