Would You Rather Be A Hero or a Villain?

TQ author writes: The one thing that everybody takes for granted nowadays is the opportunity to make their own decisions. Almost every single day we are presented with choices that can sometimes be just as difficult to make as they are to deal with. Today we ask, would you rather be a villain or hero?

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Amazingmrbrock3362d ago

I was always more a fan of the old d&d system of morality alignment system, chaotic lawful neutral good evil.

I always leaned towards chaotic good. I do good things, by my own warped system of morality, and I'll be completely ruthless about it.

zeal0us3362d ago

It all depends on the game itself. Some games I would love to be the villain, no constraints or rules. Other games where being the hero has its benefits.

deep_fried_bum_cake3362d ago

Hero. I am a perennial good guy.

TopDudeMan3361d ago

I usually play as a hero in games first, then as a villain, given the choice.

I'd like to think I'd be kinda like renegade shepherd... doing bad things for a good reason.

mac_sparrow3361d ago

I played my renegade playthrough of ME2 making all my decisions based on the character of Joe Pike in the Robert Crais novels. What would Pike do?

Ended up saving everyone, but scaring the crap outta them along the way, and anyone who deserved it got a bullet in the head.

Seems reasonable...

StifflerK3361d ago

I'm usually the Hero ..... except when I think it's funny not be (like punching reporters in Mass Effect , or farting in peoples faces in Fable!)

mac_sparrow3361d ago

I usually play a hero first, but if the choice is between the two in the picture then a villain only playthrough would be my poison ;)