You're A Gamer And Don't Care About Vita? You're Doing It Wrong

Is it brand loyalism to Nintendo that is making the Vita launch seem so placid? Maybe it's the price? That's the question asked by this blogger.

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Snookies123372d ago

You're right... Those who don't care about the Vita are most certainly doing it wrong. Whether you like playstation or not is irrelevant, the system itself is just so technically sound and feels great. Whether you're a fan of Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, or even don't care about handhelds in general... You have to admit, this thing is a nice piece of tech, and it has a lot of potential.

That being said, it's not perfect, I can think of a few things they "should" have put into the design, but nothing's perfect right? Well, besides Chuck Norris...

GraveLord3371d ago

What about the games?
You'd have to be an extreme fanboy to now find at least 2 games you'd like to play on Vita.

TheFirstClassic3371d ago

You mean not instead of now right?

deep_fried_bum_cake3371d ago

Ummm Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Escape Plan. Oh noes, I'm an extreme fanboy now.

Godchild10203371d ago

I have 8 games for the vita. Does that make me a fanboy?

ladybug73371d ago

uncahrted, stardust delta, and wipeout 2048 are the launch games im getting =)

deep_fried_bum_cake3371d ago

Having said what I said above I now know what you meant and retract it.

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GameTavern3371d ago

There's an old expression, "You can't make a living on potential."

Sure the device has a ton of potential and is great tech, but at its basic level, it has failed to connect with gamers thus far.

That can obviously change, but saying folks are doing it wrong because they aren't hyped, points the finger in the wrong direction.

LOGICWINS3371d ago

Correct. If gamers aren't interested, that is because Sony hasn't hyped Vita up enough. Just yesterday, I had to tell my cousin (a hardcore gamer) about how Vita was a "PS3 in your pocket". He was interested after I told him about it. The problem is, this is Sony's job, not mine.

There are so many potential consumers for Vita out there that don't care about Vita for the simple fact that they don't know that it exists or what it does.

Launching a luxury item in a market where only a few people know that it exists is a bad combination.

Outside_ofthe_Box3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

"There are so many potential consumers for Vita out there that don't care about Vita for the simple fact that they don't know that it exists or what it does."

What the hell? Now all of sudden there is "SO MANY POTENTIAL CONSUMERS" for the Vita because your cousin didn't know about it lol?

I thought the Vita's price was turning consumers AWAY? Now all of a sudden since ONE person you know doesn't know about it, there are now only a FEW people in the WORLD that know about it's existence, but if they did know about it they would buy it in a heart beat???


andibandit3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

I have to agree with LogicWins

If you showed the Vita to a bunch of casual gamers, most of them would problably think it was a PSP. The pricepoint altho worth it, makes people think twice.

milohighclub3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

I have to agree with logic 2, the majority of people I know I can pretty much guarantee that they don't know about vita.half of those people would be interested if they did know. So vita is out tomorrow in the uk and I haven't seen any ad on tv, I haven't seen any billboards.....Sony need to realise that they can't just release a product and hope it sells. they need advertisements and lots of them, in every part of every country their device is sold. That's how Microsoft shift so many copy's of everything they release.

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geddesmond3371d ago

One word. Software.

When Vita gets the right software for each market then you'll see it sell well in those areas. If Sony made 2 or 3 good JRPGs for the Japan market instead of western games like Uncharted then the thing would sell in Japan. As for western markets I don't think Sony has enough software right now for the western market to gain massive sales in the area either.

I for one am waiting for a GOW game to come along or a good RPG before I buy one because the only decent software to me on vita right now or announced and coming up with in six months is UC.

rfeldur3371d ago

The Vita is an impressive piece of hardware no doubt, but I've never been that big into handhelds, well at least not since I was much younger, back when I had a Game Gear, Gameboy, and Atari Lynx.

Still I actually WOULD have shelled out the money for the PS Vita if it had just one more feature I feel it is missing: HDMI out. If I could use this system as a touch-screen controller on my big-screen HDTV I would certainly fork over the money. As it is? I just don't have a desire for a mobile system. I owned a DS, but found myself only using it on very rare occasions.

Still, if you are into mobile gaming, it is a very impressive piece of hardware, more so than the 3DS, in my humble opinion.

TheController3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

You have to realize, anything streamed out via hdmi is going to look like ass because the vita uses a much lower resolution than an HDTV needs to look good.
I have to agree though about it being better than the 3ds. I had high hopes for it at one point in time, but it's been a few months since ive gotten mine and I'm still super bored with it.

rfeldur3371d ago

That's a good point about the HDMI. I mean my tablet doesn't look too bad this way, but again it has a higher resolution screen than the Vita, I believe.

I don't think the 3DS is bad, just not anything that exciting to me. 3D is kinda cool but compared to how the DS innovated the GBA? It doesn't seem like enough of a major change.

FriedGoat3371d ago

Finally! people who feel the same way I do about the 3DS! Its boring right? I just finished getting all the star coins in 3d Land and to be honest its an average mario game. I just wish it was bigger ala Mario 64/Galaxy the levels are 1 minute long and its too short, It did not deserve the reviews it got. Now I can sell it as I have nothing more to do on it.

Liquid_Ocelot3371d ago

Hmm, interesting.
Isn't the Vita DLNA enabled/capable? I always thought it was but I'm not sure if it truly is. Anybody here who can confirm this, please?
Thanks in advance.

Excuse my English.

milohighclub3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

I think the most stupid thing Sony have done in the last year, is not make it compatable with the 3d visor. I wanted both on release when I first heard of them. Now, I'd like to try the visor but not bothered about owning it, and I discussed vita with my fiancée as i was gonna get it to take on hold in a couple of month but have decided to wait until the slim 3d model is released in a year or 2 plus the library of games will be awesome by then.

Hufandpuf3371d ago

If I said I liked the vita, I'd get agrees. If I said I don't care about it, id get disagrees. I'm neutral.

TheFirstClassic3371d ago

This way you get an even amount of agrees and disagrees lol, at least when I wrote this comment.

360GamerFG3371d ago

I just agreed to make it an even 8 - 8

Ethereal3371d ago

I have one and I am in love already.

svoulis3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

It has nothing to do with sides on N4G. There are fanboys from all sides of the gaming world. Nintendrons will give you a 100 opinionated reasons why this is not as good as the 3DS and the most heard one is that it doesn't have Mario. The xbots will stay out of it because Microsoft wants nothing to do with the handheld gamers...hell it seems they dont even care about gamers that much anymore. And the fanboys of Sony will defend the console til they are blue in the face about how the online service is free.

The point is that it doesn't matter what any one of the fanboys say. Judge the unit for yourself. I do suggest though when you do. Forget about what side you favorite for that moment and realize this is what Next Gen Handheld should feel like. Sony did something very smart with the touch screen addition. Think of it this way. They are fighting against the likes of tablets and mobile gaming all together because if it comes out for a touch screen phone a developer has the option to release a version for the Vita. That is going to lure a lot of gamers to realize they can actually pay less than 10 dollars for a good game.

I am an owner of both the Vita and the 3DS and while I love my 3DS I find myself more in favor for the controls, graphics and screen that the Vita delivers.

Call it Bias, Call me a fanboy I have no say in what anyone wants/needs to own in their life. I do know one thing...This is what Next-Gen handheld should look and feel like.

I LOVE...My Vita.

milohighclub3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

U know u catagorizing people like that is wrong, not morally, just wrong in the sense that you are missing a lot of people that ain't fanboys but have a love for all tech and tech advancements like myself.

I have a 3ds and have literally only played zelda and a bit of the Marios, until Pokemon 3d I am done with it as it doesn't interest me at all.

Vita on the other hand, 5" oled touch screen, rear touchpad, decent graphics, dual analogs and psn.

Point is there are some people out there that don't give a shit what name is on the device if the device is sporting great tech. Vita is sporting great tech..

svoulis3371d ago

My point was no matter what you try and defend on N4G some fanboys will try and justify while others protest.

I am a Tech junky as well. I own both as well. I own my 3DS for Resident Evil and MGS3.

To say a lot of people on this site aren't fanboys is strange. Because I have yet to see one thread about a system or tech where people aren't arguing over why the others favorite is better.

Just sayin.

milohighclub3371d ago

I think you may of miss read my comment, I didn't say a lot of people on this site weren't fanboys I said ur missing out a lot of people that ain't fanboys

I agree with that point.

It's such a shame people are so brand loyal and can't just enjoy tech for what it is.

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