VGW Review: Uncharted: Golden Abyss

VGW: Sony’s flagship franchise journeys into the PS Vita launch with a hefty burden on its shoulders. Naughty Dog has set a high benchmark with Uncharted, and not only will expectations for Golden Abyss be excessively high, but the title has the responsibility of acting as a gateway to the Vita; introducing newcomers to its features, while still managing to provide an experience on par with Nathan Drake’s console adventures –– all with a $49.99 pricetag. Does Uncharted: Golden Abyss buckle under the pressure, or does it stand tall despite the burden?

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Abdou233362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Didn't read the article but i like the score,come on people not every Uncharted title should take perfect scores.They all practically the same game with different story each time.First 2 parts were amazing but then 3 and this introduced absolutely nothing new in terms of gameplay.

Pixel_Enemy3362d ago

my question to you is, have you played Uncharged Golden Abyss? Seriously, I am just wondering.

Abdou233362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

What difference does it make? you must have watched a lot of videos of it, do you think it's introducing anything new regarding gameplay ?!!!
And if you didn't play it either then why do you think it should take perfect score ?!!

killyourfm3362d ago

Actually it introduces a LOT of new gameplay mechanics...which is the problem. How can you like a score without reading a review?

Abdou233362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

There is a difference between Gameplay and Controls.
All people who disagreed with me are fanboys, god forbids if anyone talks bad about the most valuable game of their beloved console.I'm telling you i played all 3 games and by the time i 'm halfway through drake's deception i felt the game is very repetitive. walk for few seconds then a shooting scene and repeat, throw couple puzzles here and there.Honestly if it wasn't for the decent story and Drake himself this would have been a very normal game with uninteresting online multi-player.

You people keep supporting this behavior from developers and then cry for not having enough innovation and new ideas.

mynameisEvil3362d ago

Uncharted has NEVER been something "new". It has been a conglomeration of the best things about this generation, refined, and put into a game. It isn't about innovation, it's about quality. Get over it.

BX813362d ago

Fail. Why do some people think every game in a series should have different gameplay? I love back to the future, Lethal weapon, and other movies. There is no leap in the movies but it's fun as hell to watch. You're on the short scale , I don't know what else to tell you. Uncharted is epic, no other way around it.

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hardandsloppy3362d ago

They basically said they dont like all of the vita implemented controls, and that it doesnt match the ps3 versions.

1. you dont have to use most of the vita controls, you can use standard controls.
2. obviously it isnt as good as the ps3 version, its on a handheld.

killyourfm3362d ago

Completely invalid argument. The Vita really does feel like a console, and if SONY IS PITCHING IT AS SUCH then their flagship series SHOULD remind us of the console iterations.

ginsunuva3362d ago

Ok ok it's not 100% like the ps3. It's only 97% Sony lied!!

ladybug73362d ago

3.5/5 sounds about right, but i think its better to rate this game out of 10 imo its around a 8/10 or 7.5/10 its a great game but not the best uncharted game.