Why Having A Short-Life Cycle For The Wii U Could Make Sense..

[Generation 8] So it’s 2012 now, and if we were to follow the video gaming model of the past we would be firmly within the next generation of gaming consoles by now. The Xbox 360 launched in 2005, following the 5-year model we would have had a 720 for over a year and a half now. The PS4 would also be on its way by, too.

As it instead stands, with 2012′s first quarter already almost over, it is all but guaranteed that the only next-gen console that will be released this year is the Wii U, which isn’t exactly a mega-jump from current-gen capabilities. Many rumors even stick to the idea that we WONT see the Xbox 720 this year, and Sony has pretty much confirmed that PS4 will be a no-show.

This means systems that make huge leaps and bounds, graphically, are still quite a ways off. This almost leads me to believe that Nintendo’s strategy is nothing less than pure genius, almost, if I believed the company could actually pull off a short-cycle followed by a high-end replacement.

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NYC_Gamer2433d ago

4 year life span?that wouldn't look too good with many gamers.

Blaine2433d ago

No way any devs would support this.

Have to start from scratch (pretty much what they have to do with each new console generation) every 4 years? No way. It would be financially disastrous for them.

GribbleGrunger2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

agreed. it takes a good 2 years to actually get the best out a system... and then Nintendo go and drop it two years later?! get outa here with that nonsense.

DeadlyFire2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

NOT gonna happen. 2012 is the year Next generation starts. Sony and Microsoft are dropping in 2013/2014.

WiiU I believe will be able to handle PS4/X720 ports. I am even going to bet on Unreal Engine 4 and CryEngine 4 having a WiiU version of their game engine ready. While maybe not supporting the same graphical detail as PS4/X720. Won't be that far off from it. One thing many gamers don't pay attention to is the finer details of this generation and the last one.

WiiU will be around 2-3 times the power of PS3/X360 minimum. That equates to something worthy of 64 player Battlefield 3 Full HD capable. I don't see how that can be considering lacking of power.

Many claim PS3 still has 4 years left in its cycle without need of a new console til 2016. If so what's wrong with WiiU launching with around 5 year's of life lasting to 2017 with slightly better graphics? Likely supporting a similar 5-7 year High end HD/10-13 year Low end plan like Sony.

While yes I do believe they will get some PC/PS3/X360 ports or remodeled games.

WiiU will be cheaper to produce than PS4/X720 and likely be another cash cow for Nintendo. Considering the new perks they added with WiiU.

yabhero2433d ago

I do not get the disagrees... what he said makes perfect sense... a bubble for you sir for being well said...

LX-General-Kaos2432d ago

I am glad someone else sees the light.

rfeldur2433d ago

While I agree it wouldn't look too good, it wouldn't be the first time a 4 year life was carried out. The original Xbox launched in 2001 and the 360 arrived just four years later in 2005. Despite a short life-cycle, there are at least some gamers that remember the original fondly (like myself).

Short doesn't necessarily mean it will anger the fans, if the launch is handled right. That being said, this was just speculation, considering Nintendo's by-the-book history of about 5-6 life cycles, it probably would never happen. :)

deep_fried_bum_cake2433d ago

There's no way that I can think of that a 4 year life cycle doesn't sound stupid. I'm pretty sure that the PS2 is still being supported, that's around 12 years now and it's still selling in Japan. A products life cycle should not end when the next new thing comes out as the Xbox's did.

matey2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

WiiU was twice that graphically of rumoured 720 a year ago enough said.

its gone about 4x that since so it eclipses the 720 graohics of a huge leap are here when WiiU hits town.

yabhero2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Let me clarify what my friend here is trying to say

WiiU was twice the graphical power of the 360 a year ago.

Its gone up about 4x that power since then. So it eclipses the 360 graphics and wont be far behind the 720.

When WiiU hits town with 5-6 times the power that will count as a big gfx leap.

Lex_Dangerously 2433d ago

Huh? Can we get a translator in here??

Ot: The more I read about the Wii U the more I am interested in it. Not saying that I'm sold just yet, but I do really miss some of those Nintendo games.....

PopRocks3592432d ago

For what it's worth, should you decide to get a Wii U, you'll be able to try any core Wii games you might have missed out on.

Unlike the competition, Nintendo doesn't have a history of pissing on backwards compatibility.

hellvaguy2432d ago


Wait, so i can play the cartrige games (nes, snes, and N64) on my Wii disc player now?!?!?!?!?

PopRocks3592432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )


Har, har. Here's the rundown.

Let's look at the track record so far, shall we? Nintendo started the concept of backwards compatibility (or at least boosted the trend) with the Gameboy Color. It could play Gameboy games as well as its own. GBA could play GB/GBC games. DS then could play GBA games, the Wii can play GCN games (or at least most can) and finally the 3DS can play DS games.

Wii U is confirmed to be backwards compatible to Wii games. And the Wii and Wii U (and 3DS) have the Virtual Console for games on the NES, Gameboy and so on. Now let's take a look at Nintendo's competition.

As far as I know, no Sega console ever had backwards compatibility. The PS2 had backwards compatibility to the PS1 and the PS3 used to have backwards compatibility for both. Now it only does PS1 minus a few emulated PS2 games on the PSN store. Vita won't even support PS2 games. Not the worst, but not great either.

Finally we have the biggest loser of the bunch, Microsoft. Not only did it take them eons to update the 360 to be backwards compatible to the Xbox's lengthy list of games, they actually focused upon shit titles like "Shadow the Hedgehog" and "Barbie's Horseback Riding" before getting games like Psychonauts. Worse yet, the list is incomplete; Oddworld Stranger's Wrath was never made compatible on the 360 hardware. More recently, some Xbox slims can't seem to play Xbox games. Mine for example confuses Xbox games as downloaded Xbox Originals and therefor refuses to play them.

madjedi2433d ago

That depends on how much they retail the wii u for and how powerful it is, with so many current gen ports in development it looks like another in between generations system than anything else.

We will find out definitively when it launches and someone does a tear down on it.

A 5 yr lifespan @$299 sounds reasonable, any shorter than 5 yrs or above $299 with a short lifespan, is asking for trouble from gamers.

I figure most gamers would want 5-6 yrs to get the most content out of a system.

Till third party devs are ready to jump on board, the next gens(ps4/720) are not coming out.

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