Co-Op Shade Survival Mode Announced, Flashback Map Pack 2 Available Tomorrow

The Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Flashback Map Pack #2 will be available when the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, February 21. There's also a NEW game type for Uncharted 3 Multiplayer is coming... first details on the Co-Op Shade Survival Mode.

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Chitown712913365d ago

They really werent kidding about supporting the multiplayer mode. I want them to release the multiplayer map with the ship that they showed in that trailer

Thatguy-3103365d ago

So I'm guessing this will be similar to zombie mode like in COD.

WildArmed3365d ago

Just seems like a twist on their survival game type.
Instead of human sentries etc etc, we'll have Human Torch's sons trying to kill us.

rdgneoz33365d ago

If you played the end of the game, the last area had a ton of these guys. They'd basically take a lot more to kill and they'd teleport around as well. The annoying ones would teleport near you with a rocket launcher just outside of your line of sight and rape you... So, not really like zombies, as zombies don't teleport and rape you from behind with rockets... Its just a harder survival mode.

BoNeSaW233365d ago

I am once again Interested in checking out Uncharted 3 MP.
I was kinda not caring after Map Pack #2 was announced as ANOTHER Flashback Pack from U2. It looks like this may redeem ND for the disappointment.

Just curious how this is gonna fit into The Fortune Hunters Club now?

ginsunuva3365d ago

Please have spaniards and yetis and guardians!

Sizzon3365d ago

That's nice, but I want ND to announce a 4th legacy, as I'm level 75 3rd legacy and have been that for a while now. Leveling in U3 is so much faster than in U2.