Teen Bought Video Game. Mother Got Angry. Teen Stabbed Mother.

On Feb. 19 in Japan's Aichi Prefecture, police arrested a fourteen year-old boy. Earlier that evening, he apparently stabbed his mother with a sashimi knife. The cause? A dispute over a video game purchase.

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Moncole3364d ago

What game did he buy? If it was a bad game I can understand why the mother got mad.

Nitrox3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

LOL I was wondering the same thing. If this had happened in the US of A that would be the headline: "SuperViolentGameX causes teen to brutally stab mother"

chriski3333364d ago

Damn here we go again man these crazy ass kids these days what happened to the good old days were parents beat ur ass for getting out of line?

Parasyte3364d ago

The government happened. A parent can get arrested for so much as yelling at their kid now.

-Mika-3364d ago

Well if he payed for it with his own money. She shouldn't
have had gotten angry.

deep_fried_bum_cake3364d ago

Nothing to indicate whether it was his own money though. I've had my mum getting angry enough times at my video game purchases when I was younger to learn that it's usually justified, parents don't want their child wasting money on video games.

Have to laugh at the excuse though, sounds like something my brother would say if he stabbed my mum.

Greyfoxdbz3364d ago

Hey! video games are not a waste of money :P They are fun, can be educational and its healthy to indulge in a hobby, no matter how different it is.
Although I can see your point, the generation gap is hard to bridge so they don't really understand. I know my mother didn't. Maybe I should have stabbed her.

kanetheking3364d ago

everything you spend money on is a waste do you need to buy sweets cake no why spend 100 pound on shoes ppl just do everything is a waste in the end.

telekineticmantis3364d ago

these kids need to be beaten.

contra1573364d ago

Let's attack video games again. This is ridiculous the kid has no patience has problems why do we always have to blame video games, yes it was over a videogame but let's look at the big picture here