The Last Story: Wii's Last Great Game?

Five years ago you really wouldn't have thought that the Wii would be the place to find the future of the Japanese RPG. Hell, even two years ago you wouldn't have believed it. Everybody was too dazzled by the gorgeous graphics of Square-Enix's Final Fantasy demos on PlayStation 3 to give the Wii a second thought as the new home for this traditionally spectacle-heavy genre. Japanese RPGs formed a core section of the line-up for the PlayStation and the PS2, and it seemed natural that the PlayStation 3 would follow suit with several showpiece titles.

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Knight_Cid3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

dragon quest X says hello

and by the way everything she says about rpgs is completely wrong. Shes basically fodder until they fire her.

Especially after her embarrassing tales of the abyss review

PSVITAlitysensor3361d ago

Yeah DQX will be the last great Wii game. As of today, I have yet to finish Rhythm Heaven fever, which btw is AWESOME!

BldyShdw3361d ago

As much as I love DQ and I LOVE DQ I will not pay a subscription fee to play it. So X is a no go for me unfortunately.

Chrono3361d ago

I'm a huge DQ fan, I played and finished them all, and won't get DQX either. These changes would kill it.

I'm getting The Last Story and Pandora's Tower. These are my last 2 Wii games.

LX-General-Kaos3361d ago

Pandoras Tower also looks to turn a few heads if released worldwide.

tehpees33361d ago

You forgot Pandora's Tower

Tanir3361d ago

looks awesome, to bad theres only about 25 or less good games on the wii,(for me only about 8. pretty sad since its life span is almost over and wii-u is on the way.

Venox20083361d ago

I think that ninty still can announce some new on wii at e3 maybe.. other thing where the hell is "THE GRINDER"? it's not funny anymore.. oh and there's hope for fatal frame 4 localisasion and releasing Fatal frame 2 remake on wii too, maybe even "winter" game?