The Power of Our Past: An Homage to Our Childhood Favorites

Childhood memories are rapidly changing with each generation. Our parents reflect on having had to walk to school every day. They reminisce about the abandoned house they used to sneak into, and the tire swing behind their friend’s house. These days, our memories are a bit different. Technology is advancing at undeniably rapid rates. Our generation grew up during the golden age of video games. We were exposed to the growing success of 3D games on both the Nintendo 64 and the Playstation. Many of us gamers fantasize back to the first time we laid eyes on the Temple of Time. We remember the times when we sat with three of our friends and played Goldeneye, or Smash Bros., or Crash Bandicoot. Point being, video games can become more than just a toy. They can represent our childhood. I’ve experienced it, and I’m sure you have too. Lets delve into some of these cherished memories. I can assure you that you will relate, regardless of the game.

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