Pokemon Yellow Officially Removed From The App Store

Well, that was an interesting 36 hours. Just a day and a half after appearing on the App Store, the Pokemon Yellow iOS game has officially been removed.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2435d ago

It's simply stunning how many people but these things without reading the reviews first. I'm pretty certain that people can't expect a refund.

TrendyGamers2435d ago

Yeah, a refund isn't likely to happen but maybe Nintendo will see how much of a craze it became and bring it out in the 3DS eShop.

LightSamus2434d ago

You don't even have to read the reviews to see that it's fake. Plus anyone with common sense knows that Nintendo won't just release one of their biggest series on iOS without some prior warning.

Megaman_nerd2434d ago

common sense and Apple custormers is not something that mix well together. I mean, who else would pay $2,000 for a laptop with a core i3 and a cheap ass mobile radeon card? XD

Strange_Evil2434d ago

The thing that really is shocking here is how in the world did this app pass through Apple's strict monitoring? Don't they pat their backs for their walled garden and stringent monitoring system?

I hope no nut job gets a refund. How can you be so ignorant? Firstly the sight of 1 star should raise the alarm and secondly, why would Nintendo suddenly release a Pokemon for the iPhone? Even if they did, don't you think it would grab the media's attention. I mean if that day did come, Apple would advertise the hell out of it on the Appstore.

TrendyGamers2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )


Most people probably just saw Pokemon Yellow and were too excited to think before they hit purchase.

dericb112434d ago

All these Core and Hardcore gamers really believe that causal gamers paid attention to devs and publishers. They don't. They see Pokemon and will buy it.

_Aarix_2434d ago

I couldnt belive the omments. One had:
"guys, just wait for them to update, so the crash will be gone, then we can play it."

Or my personal favorite:

"this game is a fake, this game is only 14mb, i mean call of duty was 700mb so obviously this game is too small.

All I was thinking was LOLWUT?

TrendyGamers2434d ago

I wonder just how many copies the game actually sold?

killerhog2434d ago

Man, n4g needs a better/faster news report submission/approval system. All fake Pokemon games were removed a few hours (at least the newly released pokemon pocket) after they were released. Don't know how long Pokemon yellow has been in the AppStore but it was removed after the first article on n4g mentioning it.

Wintersun6162434d ago

No thanks, faster would translate to more crap being approved.

killerhog2434d ago

It's that way now, so why not change it up? I'm skipping through more repetitive crap than actual news. I'm actually starting to look at pending articles more than those already approved. that way I'm reading articles the day they are posted as well as non-crap and fanboy sh*t.