PS Vita Firmware Update 1.61 Live In US

Sony has released firmware 1.61 for US Vitas. This update "will improve certain aspects of the system software."

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lashes2ashes3363d ago

I got this update on the 15th same day the I got my system. So this is old.

jwk943363d ago

According to the PS Blog, 1.60 is what you're should be currently on. Unless they made an error.

admiralvic3363d ago

What it "adds" I already have so I think it is an error. Regardless I am updating just to update.

sarshelyam3363d ago

The description on what it "adds" is most certainly redundant, as 1.60 featured these updates. However, 1.61 does add stability fixes elsewhere.

jronj3363d ago

There is already some sort of "hello world" hack out maybe this is a patch?

GraveLord3363d ago

Not all updates have to do with hacking or piracy.
Troll harder.

BubloZX3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Don't call him a troll he isn't lying about the hack. And since 1.60 didn't close the exploit 1.61 could have very well secretly fixed it as well as made many different other improvements.

FriedGoat3363d ago

What hack? The psp emu hack is no threat, I would be surprised if they even patch it at all!

BubloZX3363d ago

The PSP emu is a small threat.

1, Sony wont be able to make money off of reselling PSP games
2. Is shows potential flaws with the vita software which hackers can further exploit.

jmac533363d ago

Here we go with system updates every week.

MGRogue20173363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

the firmware update probably has some behind-the-scenes fixes as well.. improve system stability during use of some services & whatnot.

SaffronCurse3363d ago

Crossgamechat?? Lol nice we wont hear about that every update now.

Pixel_Enemy3363d ago

Not sure if you are joking but the Vita does have cross game chat.

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