Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

Given that this week's software sales charts from Media Create show Nintendo DS and Wii games outperforming everything that isn't Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, one might assume that Nintendo hardware would see the biggest boost in sales. Oh, sure, selling over 222,000 Nintendo DS Lites is no small feat. It's damn impressive. However, the week to week doubling of PSP sales, pushing over 180,000 of the things without a major software release is, well, its kind of hard to sort out. But more power to 'em, I say.

In handy list form, here's how the console wars went down in Japan for the week of December 10th to the 16th.

Nintendo DS Lite - 222,132
PSP - 184,610
Wii - 170,558
PlayStation 3 - 63,720
PlayStation 2 - 18,025
Xbox 360 - 8,561

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Foliage4732d ago

I bet Sony is smiling somewhere. All three of their products (including the almost 8 year old PS2) is trumping the 360 yet again in Japan.

felman874732d ago

if you're surprised by that...

Foliage4732d ago

I'm not surprised the least bit, actually.

socomnick4732d ago

You guys have nothing to celebrate. Sony is still getting its ass beat week after week in Japan and the rest of the world. Face it or not Japan is Nintendo land everything thats Nintendo sells like like cocaine. The US is Xbox land and Europe is up for grabs.

SIXAXISofEVIL4732d ago

Who really cares how the system does? You wouldn't see me celebrating if the ps3 was a million a month. There's good games coming out so that's all I care about.

mccomber4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

could look at that chart and then state that Sony is getting it's ass kicked. Xbox may be ahead in the states, but despite the popular view it's not the only country in the world. Only company with bragging rights at this point in time is Nintendo, and they're too busy having money fights and buying solid-gold rocket cars to care.

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mikeslemonade4732d ago

PS3 is that pizza like slice colored in red. Yum!

sonarus4732d ago

Looks like they are set to cruise at about 40,000 at least till DMC4 comes out. The wii is selling like crack once again though. Damn pulling out some ds numbers. Great job by psp too.

hotshot1274732d ago

nobody is talking about the wii vs ps3.

its about ps3 vs 360. the 360 is getting its ass beat by the wii also if you havent noticed by now.

america is also wii land since it outsells the 360 here too according to your logic.

3rd, the wii is outselling the ps3 and 360 in europe also so i guess thats also wii land.

EUROPE UP FOR GRABS? yea okay.............thats why the ps3 outsold the 360 there by more then 80,000 last week.

japan, the ps3 outsold it by more then 55,000 this week.

and in america, the ps3 gets beat by about 90,000 a week but add all those numbers up and the ps3 is OUTSELLLING the 360 dumbass.

so how was your post relevant again?

SIXAXISofEVIL4732d ago

Your analysis is superior. But the premise of the whole console ware seems flawed. I still don't think it matters now that the majority of new games are coming out for both 360 and ps3 and there's not much of any difference between the two. Let the wii sell in the trillions, it's not going to effect ps360 users since the games are made for a totally different demographic and the original "hardcore" gamers aren't going anywhere and they're all still eager to shell out the bucks for the latest way to off digital opponents.

actas1234732d ago

I agree with you. Wii numbers should be compared to Ps2 numbers not Ps3... So Wii is beating PS2 in worldwide sales...

shrimpboat4732d ago

It's about the 360 and PS3. If you throw Nintendo into the equation its a wash. The Playstation brand is standing on its own, but I am tempted to get a DS because it seems that they are getting all the fresh Final Fantasy games while us PSP owners wait for Crisis Core to hit the states still. Rev Wings is looking great and now FF IV is coming. I'll wait for the rumored new DS thou.

jonboi244732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

FF IV and FF:CC should both be great games. Now I'm just waiting for FF6 to be remade. It would be great if it was remade for the PSP though and just imagine the graphical overhaul it would get. As far as picking up a new handheld console goes, my old psp is getting dead pixels out of nowhere and my warranty is dead so if the rumored PSPhone does come true I may pick that up seeing that my old phone contract should be done by next year.

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Xbox is the BEST4732d ago

do any of you live in the Land of the Rising Sun?

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