Japan sees surging interest in portables in recent years - Sony

CVG: Japan has seen a growing interest in handheld games consoles in the last four years, says Sony.

This, it says, has been evidenced in PSP's sales compared to PS3, and will hopefully mean good fortunes for Vita

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Mikhail3372d ago

Yeah, japan loves handheld. 3DS is king with PSP still going strong. PS vita is competing with Nintendo and its own predecessor.

Canary3371d ago

Isn't the 3DS still being beaten out by the DS?

Last I heard, both new handhelds were being soundly beaten by their predecessors.

Mikhail3371d ago

I am talking about weekly sales and not total sales. Sorry for not indicating it. Last sales info showed that 3ds was around 60k(or 90k, i forgot), PSP has 22k while vita has 15k.

knifefight3371d ago

Headline needs to have *with Monster Hunter* after the word "portables" in it.

"Japan sees surging interest in portables with Monster Hunter in recent years."

Snookies123371d ago

Haha, too true... I honestly couldn't get into Monster Hunter, maybe I didn't give it enough time though.

Codeez883371d ago

Japan eats up RPG's, specifically JRPG's, and the lack of them on consoles could be one of the many reasons as to why the handheld market is doing so well. (Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy Tactics/Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, etc.) Isn't commuting and public transport the norm in Japan as well?

LX-General-Kaos3371d ago

Maybe square should do the Final Fantasy 7 remake on the Playstation Vita. That will pick up some real sales.

DarkSniper3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

History has proven over time that Sony Electronics are the frontrunners in terms of incredible foresight into the future. With the success of PS1, PS2, PSP and PlayStation®3 home consoles, there is no reason to doubt their recent prediction.

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