Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Review [GamingLives]

GamingLives takes a look at the Xbox Live Arcade game and writes "The dark presence manifests, once again, as the Taken – once human vessels, now filled only with darkness. Light is the key to defeating them and the innovative ‘fight with light’ gameplay makes a welcome return, with the staple flashlight and gun combo feeling more than at home and a joy to come back to."

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Spydiggity3368d ago

For an XBLA game, a lot of ppl seem to being going hard on it for its story.

IM_KINECTED3368d ago

I think people are wrongly trying to compare it to the first game, which was a full and complex story. This is an arcade title, which is only allowed to be a certain length.

Alan Wake was 2/3 story and American Nightmare is 2/3 action. Remedy prepared people for this, obviously some things had to be taken out to get this game on XBLA.

I still think it's getting solid scores and I'm definitely buying it. I'm supporting this in hopes of getting a full on Alan Wake 2 someday.

STICKzophrenic3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

"The flare gun and flash bang grenades – previously the stars of the show – have been toned down to the point they are no longer as coveted. Unless you hit a Taken point blank with either, the worst they will do is burn away dark shields and knock them down, rather than dissolve an incoming pack."

That's pretty disappointing to read. I absolutely LOVED using the flares and flare guns. Not only did they help a great deal, it looked amazing (see attached image).

That said, I'm definitely going to buy this and play it. I loved Alan Wake.