AMD Catalyst 12.2 Pre-Certified Driver is now available for Win 7/Vista/XP

DSOGaming writes: "AMD has released the 12.2 pre-certified Catalyst driver for their GPUs. This new version of Catalyst comes with DX11 fixes for both Batman: Arkham City and Dirt III. Moreover, Catalyst 12.2 features improvements in fixes for a lot of CrossFire titles. What's really interesting too is that Catalyst 12.2 comes with Super Sampling Anti-Aliasing support for DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 applications."

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Dits3365d ago

Can it play RAGE yet?

urwifeminder3365d ago

Lol im still using 9.8 all the others dont support 1360x768 on my old set up very annoying using my pc on my old lcd tv ill stick with it untill i get a new rig.