RoboPlay: SWTOR Space Mission

"As Star Wars: The Old Republic was getting ready for release, many people decided to bash on the space combat elements found in SWTOR. Apparently the “On Rails” approach did not appeal to them. I had no issue with them, and being a fan of the Star Fox games, I was excited to see Bioware’s version. I was more than impressed with the action packed space missions. I just HAD to share with you one of my favorites, filled with Capital ships, fighters, explosions, and all that epic Star Wars Space combat feel!"

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Sidology3365d ago

space, space, gotta go to space

Blasphemy3365d ago

The space missions in this game feel tacked on and are poorly done and feel nothing like that awesomeness that you get from Starfox 64.

RoboSpiff3365d ago

i thoroughly enjoy them and look forward to the future of the space missions.

Blasphemy3364d ago

For a game with this big of a budget they could have done better. I wish they got the developers(Factor Five) from Rogue Squadron to do the space missions. Those games were phenomenal.