What We Want In The Next Vita Firmware Update

The Vita is a fantastic combination of hardware and software – but it’s not perfect. Hardware problems, like the short battery life and weak camera, can’t be fixed, but software issues can be solved with a simple firmware update. After playing with the Vita for a couple of months, here’s what PSLS wants in the next firmware update. - PSLS

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doctorstrange3372d ago

I'm just glad it has cross game chat to stop people going on about it

sinncross3372d ago

I think what I would like to see is:
- More OS control options:
allow users to use the rear touch pad and D-pad/ face buttons. But give the option in teh settings to allow users to choose and match which combination of the 3 they would like to use.

- The ability to get rid of the home screens for apps:
perhaps the thing I hate most about the OS is why every app has a home screen. I do not need a home screen when I enter the settings: just take me to the settings. Same can be applied to music, videos etc.

- More video codecs:
the wonders the addition of even just avi. would have for the PSV. Why it still just uses MP4 is beyond me. At least add avi.

doctorstrange3372d ago

Yeah, pretty much every machine with a processor, memory and a screen should do avi.

MaxXAttaxX3372d ago

I just need HTML5 video support.
And sure, avi would be nice too.

Anything else will eventually be updated.

Larry L3372d ago

Personally, all I want added to the Vita aside from assurance that EVERY downloadable PSP game works on it, is being able to put all my digital comic books on it.

It may sound lame, but I've spent probably over $50 in Digital comics I've wanted. I think they're great, and I wish there were still more that I want being added. But still, I have quite a few and those comics will look FANTASTIC on that higher res, OLED screen.

If they add a link to the comic reader download and access to the comic store from the Vita, I'll buy one right away. But I can't justify buying one right away at full price unless I can put all my PSP content on it. And to me, my comics are just as important as my games.

SilentNegotiator3372d ago

It needs 100% PSP compatibility.

ziggurcat3372d ago

i don't think so.

people need to let go of backwards compatibility and really... if you have the original console/system you don't need to have that feature.

doctorstrange3372d ago

More an app than a FW thing, but it's supposed to be coming soon

ThanatosDMC3372d ago

22nd has a lot of apps coming. I'm most interested on Netflix, Skype and Facebook. Hopefully the Netflix app is not disorganize as the PS3 Netflix or my tablet's netflix.

Waddy1013372d ago

Burnout, GTA and Lumines can all be played on the Vita if you transfer them across from your PS3 they just aren't available on the PS Store on the Vita because they haven't be tested 100% working.

As for Remote Play an update is in the works that will allow all PS3 games to be played via Remote play and developers have the option of including a Vita Specific 480p mode within the game.

dragon823372d ago

I found that you have to re-download them to your PS3 and leave them in the "pre-install bubble" state on the XMB. This will allow th e Vita's data transfer app to recognize the game and allow you to copy it over.

I am not sure if every game works but I have tested it out on these games:

GTA: Chinatown Wars
Gran Turismo
Killzone: Liberation
Rock Band Unplugged

Waddy1013372d ago

Yeah IGN showed a video of how to do it, they got MGS: Peace Walker to work even though it's not on that list. He even managed to get his saves off his PSP and onto the Vita.

ftwrthtx3372d ago

Fight Night Round 3 and MLB 10: The Show both work.

Game saves just have to be copied into the PS Vita's save folder on your PC and then use the content manager to copy them over.

ExpectTheUnexpected3372d ago

Can we play PSP demos by any chance?

dragon823372d ago

Yeah, I was an idiot and forgot to copy my saves over when I cleared out my PSPgo to give to my wife. :(

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GraveLord3372d ago

PS1 compatibility should probably be #1 on Sonys list right now. If there's any technical erros like crashes/freezing then that should take priority even if it only affects a small number of people.

gtxgamer23372d ago

youtube app, with high quality videos.

ThanatosDMC3372d ago

I would love that! Totally forgot about yt. I wouldnt mind having a E-mail app so i could give my tablet away.

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