Apple Needs to Do More to Protect the Video Game Industry

This week, a Pokemon Yellow app appeared on the Apple iPhone/iPad App Store for $0.99, leading to millions of purchases resulting in the app taking out the Number 2 spot for most popular paid apps this week.
The app, it turned out, was a scam.

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dedicatedtogamers3375d ago

Um, that's what happens when you put videogaming in the hands of companies like Apple.

Where's your precious "OMG AWSUM MOBILE PHONE GAMING" now, suckers?

LOGICWINS3375d ago

"Where's your precious "OMG AWSUM MOBILE PHONE GAMING" now, suckers?"

Ummm...are you okay?

KrimsonKody3374d ago

Don't mind him.
He's just having an "apple-fit".

zeal0us3375d ago

First people was complaining Apple had too much control now when something like this happen people are saying Apple need to do a better job.

oh boy

kerrak3374d ago

Nintendo should sue Apple for this.

Mikhail3375d ago

That's why Nintendo and Sony should only make handheld games.

dark-hollow3374d ago

whats so funny about this is how everyone is saying iOS games are the future and blah blah blah but yet when a fake Pokemon game get on the appstore it becomes no.1 best selling new app.

majiebeast3374d ago

This just proves how stupid iOS users are. Whats the next scam halo or gran turismo on iOS?

Yodagamer3374d ago

Scam halo? ask gameloft about that and there nova game, most of iphone games are scam versions of popular games

Sobari3374d ago

I don't think Apple gives a shit. As long as they make their money, they probably won't care.

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The story is too old to be commented.