New MotorStorm Sreenshots

Sony Computer Entertainment have released some new muddy images of MotorStorm on PlayStation 3. Developed by Evolution Studios, this off road racer feature several classes of vehicles such as motor bikes, buggies, racing cars, rally cars and more massive vehicles like trucks. Check out the latest screens below.

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Bhai5852d ago

Well, lets get one thing out of the way, no console launch has ever been so complete and promising as the PS3's shaping up to be. Check this out:

Now, I'm truely amazed how "particularly/sharply next-gen" titles are in there. No other system has such an uber usage of Procedural Synthesis to boast so early in its life, not even the 2 years old new PC technologies. There are all sorts of varieties, from FPSs to racers to combat racers to puzzle to camera driven interactive titles to simulators and motion-sensing ones. I must say Hot!Hot!!Hot!!!

clayton5852d ago

They had plenty of time to prepare. The 360 is better and cheaper my friend. 1080p games on the 360 for $200 less, and with the HD-DVD addon it will still be cheaper than premium ps3. SO you can get a 1080p game console for $299 and it is called the 360. Booya Nigga

lalaland5852d ago

Have any 1080p games been release or even announced for the x360? On the contrary MS has stated numerous times that 1080p and 1080i will be impossible for games on this generation.

And what's up with comparing with the premium PS3... The x360 "Premium" and HD-DVD will cost you atleast $575 -- that is atleast$75 more than a similar specced PS3 "Core" -- and then you will have to pay for online gameplay and lots of batteries for your controllers... Sounds like a bad deal to me, unless you are only interested in playing GoW and Halo3...

Ravenator5295852d ago

I thought the screenshots would look like the CGI shots that everyone said was actual gameplay.

I guess not.

Don't get me wrong, they still look great but its just funny how the next generation of gaming was supposed to start with the PS3 but these screenshots show that it already started about a year ago.

lalaland5852d ago

Don't believe anyone telling you otherwise.

However, for a first-gen game, Motorstorm is in my oppinion rather impressive.

Gamer135852d ago

i will %100 get this game with my ps3 - but i of to wait till next year, but GOW CD3 etc on my 360 will keep me going even when i get my ps3.


PS360WII5852d ago

It looks good. Seems that these are still the same screens as last time but ah well always good to see them again.
And 1.2 yes games out on 360 can know support 1080p. They announced it at there "special" meeting today

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The story is too old to be commented.