OXCGN's PlayStation Vita System Review


"Nearly a year ago, fellow OXCGN writer Alex Baldwin and I teamed up for a dual review-debate on the Nintendo 3DS, discussing its pros, cons, hardware, and everything related to the system itself.

This time around, I have obtained the hardware in question – the PlayStation Vita – a week before him with the First Edition Bundle, and I’ve been left to my own thoughts, compared to Alex, who only has his jealousy.

After having extensive time with the system, I am proud to say that the PlayStation Vita ushers in a new era of handheld gaming, even going so far as to say that it sets an example for the next generation of consoles."

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Proeliator3363d ago

I'll be picking mine up on Tuesday... can't wait!

gaminoz3362d ago

I wanna! But not at AUD $350.

BadCircuit3362d ago

I'm still undecided. There's no doubt it's a good piece of tech, but will a 'portable console' like a PS3 or 360 be better use than a iPod or Android phone? Not sure.

BattleAxe3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Without a doubt its better. Just look at the games that are out at the moment. Its a no brainer. Either you want to play just casual games, or you want a system that you can play Uncharted, God of War, Call of Duty, Resistance and Killzone on, in addition to casual games.

Summons753362d ago

not to mention all the social perks that any smartphone can do on top of those casual games. Cheaper than any apple product too. I agree much better without a doubt.

metsgaming3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

if your want to game than the ps vita is obvious. If you want to do other thinks like texting and calling but still play casual simple games than the phone.

pain777pas3362d ago

@BadCircuit The tech is great you are going to smile just with the ease of everything once you get used to it. I am surprised but my consoles havent gotten much love when you have you laptop and a Vita right beside you. For any gamer the Vita is a quality gaming console. Yes feature for feature there is not much that a console can do that the Vita cant do on a better screen than you have at home unless you are filthy rich. Sony delivered on the hardware side of things. They just have to seal up some major support from Bethesda, EA and the like to ensure success. Think about what you want. Forget sales #s like I did and you will just see the truth. The Vita is fantastic. Best dedicated handheld bar none. Yes, this is probably one of the last for Sony but they should be applauded for catering to the core gamer with such a quality product. The only downside is that it is a beauty. It is premium. Meaning that this is probably a toy for those 14 and up. If you are older than that then by all means pick one of these babies up. Ipad is cool but why do I need it with my laptop and PC right here. The phone is a phone nothing more. Plus you will soon see that the time waster games that you used to play totally die out after a while and you just turn on you Vita from sleep mode and get to gaming. In other words Sony nailed it.

tarbis3362d ago

It's far better than any of the overpriced iproducts or phones that can only play shovelware games that can't even utilize even half of the power.

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Hooshuwashu3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Really pleased with my vita. :)

dboyman3362d ago

Got my Wifi First Edition Vita ( I live in Canada so no 3g, not sure when it comes out). I really like it, feels better to game than Iphone/Ipod...

pain777pas3362d ago

Rogers wants exclusivity. Seriously. I know.... ridiculous.

Mediocritysells7183362d ago

im glad to see glowing reviews as i can vouch for this score being i have one myself.

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