Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Battle Ogres In Dungeon Defenders

Gaming Blend "All that talk about Obama being a pansy and Mitt Romney being too pretty to be the Commander in Chief is hogwash. Both Obama and Romney are out to prove that they're as tough as manly-men like Mike Rowe, Sylvester Stallone and Jason Stathom as they suit up and fight hordes of baddies in Trendy Entertainment's Dungeon Defenders."

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i rule3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Obama is a permanent stain on the history of america. A second rate president and a third rate man

Snookies123374d ago

Not really, he's not the greatest, but he's having to clean up the Bush mess... He and his father created a whole LOT of mess lol.

vortis3374d ago

Don't you mean the shotgun-wielding, soldier-poisoning troll known as Dick Cheney? That louse has been creating mess since the 70s.

SilentNegotiator3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Clean up Bush's mess?

By finishing his bailout bills, leading new laws that we can't afford and violate state rights, hypocritically getting involved in OTHER countries civil wars (committing acts of war), not taking position on anything that doesn't mean more votes, etc?

People like to pretend like he's a stark difference to Bush, but he really isn't. The economy really hasn't changed much since Obama's presidency. I know the internet loves the guy, but it's time to look past the smoke and mirrors.....this guy hasn't done that much other than push some civil liberties.

You're right about him not being the best or worst.....but he's no prize at all.

There were plenty of democratic candidates in 2008 and plenty of republican candidates running 2012 that would have and can now make a better president than him.

Boody-Bandit3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

No Snookies, we would've been better off with the under achieving crypt keeper and the hockey mom that could see Russia from her back yard in Alaska. /HEAVY SARCASM

Personally I think they're all idiots but when confronted with the alternative listed above, Obama was the ONLY rational choice and I'm registered Republican.

JsonHenry3374d ago

You mean he is EXPANDING on what Bush did? More wars, more troops abroad, more big government spending and more social programs, and higher gas prices.

Seriously, Obama is like Bush on crack. That is assuming you are looking at what he has actually DONE and not what he SAYS.

Bush- RX Drug Plan/Obama - Universal Health Care
Bush- Patriot Act/Obama - NDAA indefinite detention bill
Bush- steady increase in gas prices/Obama - continued rise in gas prices
Bush- Barely stalled inflation/Obama- inflation on the rise
Bush- 2 wars (Afghanistan/Iraq)/Obama- 3 wars (Libya/Afgahnistan/Iraq) with Iran and Syria on the horizon
Bush- Guantanamo open/Obama- Guantanamo still open (despite repeated campaign promises)
Bush- expanded social programs/Obama even more expanded social programs
Bush- Largest budget deficit since WW2/Obama- set new record for largest budget deficit since WW2
Bush- start of economic recession/Obama- continued recession with larger budget gaps and increase in federal tax rate

How can ANYONE not see that Bush/Obama are the same person and all that is being done by Obama is expanding on the same basic policies that Bush set forth?

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goku323593374d ago

"He's a third rate man". I don't really have a problem with people saying that Obama is not doing that great of a job as president, but saying he's a third rate man is a bit much don't you think?