PS Vita physical games vs. PlayStation Store

InEnt writes: While the Nintendo DS has just broke a record and is now seeing the success that it deserves the PlayStation Vita is in a battle with itself, well once the device hits the US and Europe tomorrow. Consumers will not be facing a challenge as to which handheld console to buy but rather if they should purchase PS Vita games in physical or digital form?

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danswayuk3368d ago

I like the idea of digital form for playing the game on two PS Vita's with one account.

DrRichtofen3368d ago

The only reason I'd go for physical games is after just purchasing an 8gb memory card today for it I went onto the PS Store to see about getting Uncharted:GA, the dang thing is almost 4gb! Thats half my memory gone, thats why I just grabbed a physical copy at Toys R us a few minutes ago. They have a sweet deal there too only $39 instead of $49 :D

rezzah3368d ago

You can look out for deals anywhere (bestbuy takes off 5 for preorders) for physical copies. Also you save a ton of space compared to using a ton of it in a short amount of time.

SandwichHammock3368d ago

I wish the option was there to install all retail games to the memory card. It looks like I'll have to jump on this digital distribution train, albeit not being a fan.

Kurisu3368d ago

If you were able to install retail games to the memory card then you would still probably have to have the game card in the system. Or else you would just get people purchasing a physical card, installing it, and then trading the game in for something else.

SandwichHammock3368d ago

You are right, and I understand the problem. There could be some sort of sync authentication between the PSV and the install card, but that would create another slew of issues.

Poorly thought out idea ;)

Rageanitus3368d ago

The discs are small enough to carry around in my carrying case.... Ill buy full fledged games via physical media, and smaller games via DD...

I am big on reselling games so physical media is a plus

Knight_Cid3368d ago

physical only. I have a brain

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