Far Cry 3 Gameplay Video Preview (G4TV)

Learn more about the storyline, gameplay, and bold new vision behind Far Cry 3 in this gameplay preview with the developers at Ubisoft.

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001853372d ago

Was a bit disappointed by Far Cry 2. But this is looking great, looking forward to it.

pyramid3372d ago

Looks great in graphics.Shame they dont know how to have any gameplay in their games.Just look at far cry 2.Yuk!

Crazyglues3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

You know I hate to say it but I kept watching the trailer over and over to see what's really different.. and sadly it doesn't seem like much has changed gameplay wise.. (FarCry 2 was just ok) it wasn't that bad but it was far from fun to play..

and 3 looks to be basically FarCry 2 with better Graphics.. It's like the same thing over and over, your on an island, again, they are trying to kill you...again, what else is new..

Developers don't seem to be able to get out of the sandbox anymore they are stuck just making the same games over and over.

Here's an example of what I mean - you always know what to expect, it's the same old same old every time -the same gameplay every time, shoot some guys here and then get some more clues to shoot some guys here...

I'm hoping it turns out different but I don't have high hopes.. just looks like prettier graphics on the same old pig..

Hopefully they fixed the Multi-player up and made it something worth checking out, I'll keep my fingers crossed but I'm worried about this one..

-Doesn't, so far anyway look like they took enough chances to make it a great game.


portal_23372d ago

Will there be fire propagation? Also, the AI sucked in FC2 - I hope they nailed it in 3.

josephayal3372d ago

I thing FC2 looks way better n fun