Ultimate $916 Enthusiast Gaming PC Build, 2012

Gamers Nexus: "It's been a while since we posted a high-end build, well, other than the $3000+ one, and we figured some of you enthusiasts were itching to look at another hardcore PC gaming build. Our "Hardcore" builds are designed for those who want to get the best graphics and performance possible and at the same time have enthusiast-grade components -- these normally fall within the range of $700 - $1200."

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Velox3362d ago

The 6950 is the one that can be unlocked right?

SmokexFFx3362d ago

If you get a card that supports it, yes I believe the 6950 can be flashed to a 6970.

hiredhelp3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Sapphire 6950 2gb version has that ability to do this as my good freind has one has done this. Clocked to same specs as 6970

@JsonHenry while i agree the 7000 series is awsome if you have 6950 crossfire theres no need to rush buy 7970 just yet, thats comming from a owner of a 7970 clocked over 1000mhz mind you the smoothness is awsome.. But again crossfire 6950 2gb model is good setup or if you gonna pay that then i say go buy a 7970 as save on power too.

5yN4MWQU3362d ago

Indeed, but you need to make sure you get a card that supports it properly. There is no guarantee it will work -- it will either unlock or it won't, sort of like the X3/X4 unlocking functionality (also seen in the 960T Zosma).

ATi_Elite3361d ago

1. All HD6950 2GB models can be flashed to HD6970

2. That PC is more Mid Level than enthusiast. (Enthusiast level would be having the power equivalent to a GTX580 or higher thus being able to game at 1600p)

3. Just wait for March when Nvidia's Keplar cards are released.

4. save $100 to use on something else by getting a $200 Core i5 2500K and overclocking it to 4.5Ghz on air easily.

5. use the saved $100 to buy a 64GB SSD to use for your OS and most played games.

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JsonHenry3362d ago

I wouldn't call the 6950 an "enthusiast" card. Nice once the BIOS is flashed but not top tier. The 7000 series is the new "enthusiast" card.

Aussiegamer3362d ago

He also mentions that the 2600 is clocked at 3.6ghz and turbo's from that, its actually clocked at 3.4ghz and turbo's to 3.8.

Good piece though. Good gaming system for the price.

JsonHenry3362d ago

It is still a decent rig for sure. I love it when I have new people come over and they see my xbox and PS3 and they are like "Do you play BF3?" So I sure, turn on my PC and start playing. They are blown away by the difference on a higher end PC. They simply can't believe it is the same game.

Voxelman3362d ago

I wouldn't call it ultimate, just a powerful rig that will play anything for the couple years at max or close to it @ 1080p

An ultimate rig would be a no compromises kind of build

5yN4MWQU3362d ago

Here you go, enjoy:

Is it practical? No! Absolutely not! Is it fun to see all these expensive parts? Sure thing.

Faelan3362d ago

An I7-2600 strikes me as an odd choice for a gaming rig. You'd be much better off getting an I5-2500K paired with a nice big chunk'o'metal, aka CPU cooler, like the Noctua NH-D14 and then overclock it to hell. Getting 4.5GHz shouldn't be hard on even a fairly mediocre CPU. Get a good CPU and you hit 5GHz easily. Mine is on the bad side, so I only reach 4.8 at some 1.47 volts, but temps are still fine and it's stable.

5yN4MWQU3362d ago

The i5-2500k is a phenomenal CPU, agreed. The Noctua is a great cooler - Tuniq's Tower 120 Extreme is another very good cooler for Sandy Bridge / Nehalem CPUs.

hiredhelp3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

I got 2600k cos i used with application encding vdeo converting ,winrar large data exracting and i can reach 4.8ghz without need to mess with my g-skill ripjaw
Full load with prime95 averages around 65c.

But your right the i5 2500k not much between them but wots worse intel brought out 2700k that is stupid.
Noctua beatsly heatsinks man sounds like you too have nice setup.

As for case cooling s my first concern then i look at room for video cards, so i chose the coolermaster HAF X