Fake Pokemon Yellow Game Is A #1 Best Seller On The App Store

Yesterday, a fraudulent copy of Pokemon Yellow popped onto the App Store, making millions of peoples dreams come true. Well after many, many people spent a dollar on the game, they quickly learned that it loads a picture and then crashes.

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Outside_ofthe_Box3366d ago

I've always wanted a remake of Pokemon Yellow.

TrendyGamers3366d ago

That would be great, but this fake game is just wrong.

Outside_ofthe_Box3366d ago

Yes, I agree. I don't get how Apple allowed for this to happen though.

princejb1343366d ago

because apple just wants money
they don't care how they get it
haven't you seen how they been suing the shit out of everyone lately

SilentNegotiator3365d ago

They'll take it down when it finishes selling, lol

Dovahkiin3366d ago

Because they're stupid, they allow anything on the app store, it's disgraceful.

Livin_in_a_box3365d ago

I'd hardly say that they'd allow anything on the App Store, and don't label me as an Apple fanboy because I have an Android phone myself but if you look at Google's Market and the viruses that crop up on there and then compare it to the Apple's App Store, then you can see that they don't just allow anything. Granted, you're limited by not being able to execute code on iOS the same way you are on Android OS but still Apple is stricter. But how this managed to get on is

dark-hollow3366d ago

Even the casual apple heads lust after some Pokemon.

zeal0us3366d ago

Can't wait Nintendo to hit Apple with a cease and desist letter. Hopefully the app gets removed soon.

TrendyGamers3366d ago

A lot of the reviews on the game say that they are going to sue the maker of the game. It is likely an idle threat but if just one person goes after him, I would be happy.

DeadIIIRed3366d ago

The only thing that needs to happen is for someone to file class action against the maker and inform anyone who purchased it that they have the right to participate or forfeit that right.

_Aarix_3366d ago

I find the amount of stupid people in soceity amusing.

ginsunuva3366d ago

Easy source of money for us.

ninjakiwii3365d ago

coming from someone who spelt SOCIETY wrong

SilentNegotiator3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Although, a mistype doesn't equate to stupidity.

You, however, just typed a fragment and did not use capitalization or punctuation, so maybe you shouldn't be correcting grammar on a video game website.

BTW: I did my best to not include errors in this post (I usually try not to), but if I did, be aware that was absolutely not my point. Communication on the internet is casual. Screwing up one word does not mean that you are dumb.

TXIDarkAvenger3366d ago

Too good to be true, can't believe people fell for this.

TrendyGamers3366d ago

It's hard to believe that it is still selling, even with a 1/5 star rating.

Moncole3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

This proves how stupid people who game on ipods/ipads are. Any smart person would know you will never see a nintendo game on the ipod/ipad

I wanna give it 5 stars for trolling

Kur03366d ago

Apple products have become toys for kids, soccer moms, and misguided hipsters.

GamingBuddha093366d ago

there is a pokemon game on the japanese app store but its a rhythm game. and nintendo doesnt own the complete rights pokemon, they have a large stake in the Game Freak, the studio that created pokemon but not enough to dictate what they do. which is why pokemon is plastered everywhere in japan

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The story is too old to be commented.