1UP's House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return interview and new screens

Last month's announcement of The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return brought as many questions as it did answers. Will the games be modified/enhanced in any way? Why not include the original and make it a trilogy? And what about Wii-specific modes? 1UP recently sent these questions via email to Sega director Emiko Sunaga.

1UP: Why bring these two House of the Dead titles to Wii, and why now?

Emiko Sunaga: We wanted to bring the most memorable versions from the series history. Both The House of the Dead 2 and The House of the Dead III were extremely popular with fans, making it very easy for us to decide which versions to deliver to Wii. With the Wii Zapper, a whole new generation of gamers can enjoy the series the way it was designed to be played.

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Jinxstar4731d ago

I loved these games... If they say the Zapper works well and everything is good I might get them...

bootsielon4731d ago

I think we all know why that game will NEVER be on the Wii, or at least it can't be there in the same way it exists in the arcades.

PS360WII4731d ago

Wii Zapper works in half the shooter games right now. Ghost Squad and well the pack in. RE:UC I'd say no to.

House of the Dead on the Wii will rock cuz the games are sweet already ^^ I have III on the Xbox and I played that one alot :) It'll be nice to have the better aim with the Wii Remote on these though

Jinxstar4731d ago

Yeah I know what you mean. I only played HOTD2 on Dreamcast. Was awesome in its time. Haen't tried Crossbow training or RE:UC cause all I hear is bad... But at the same time reviewers are tearing the hell out of all those games... Time crisis too... Maybe they are spoiled =P whatever though. worth a shot I'm sure. should be a cheap and easy port to make some money for them.

PS360WII4731d ago

Well I do like RE:UC I just don't like it with the Zapper. The game was really made for just Wii Remote + Numchuck action not with the Zapper.

ItsDubC4731d ago

Pretty solid interview except for the fact that the interviewer seemed obsessed w/ minigames.

With USB keyboard support in the most recent Wii update and Nintendo's line of self-improvement games such as Brain Age and Flash Focus, it'd make sense to include Typing of the Dead w/ this compilation as well.