Five Games that were Made to be on Vita

The PS Vita is causing a lot of commotion recently, so we here at RPI have been deliberating which of the old retro Sony games would fit the new console.

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TomInc2431d ago

Ah man! Crash Team Racing!

rezzah2431d ago

CTR is nice but I prefer the improved kart racing which is Jak X.

Extreme speed with deadly weapons. Much harder than CTR, but more rewarding for the "rush" feeling.

izumo_lee2431d ago

naughty dog are working on a couple vita games according to the story i read here. we can only dream can we?

Outside_ofthe_Box2431d ago

I would love a Heavy Rain type game and Gran Turismo for the Vita.

NukaCola2431d ago

Yes, some good mystery game please. I love titles like Ace Attorney and Trace Memory on DS. I would really like a good adventure game with tons of puzzles using the Vita. I really hope more games allow for the Vita features to integrate. I would love a sequel to GTA Chinatown Wars as well. And of course, to see Fallout 3 or FNV on Vita using the Vita features like touch for VATS and the PipBoy.

crazypicklemonkey2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

battlefield 3, dual analog sticks.

120 fps


Kyosuke_Sanada2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Come can't forget Ape Escape!

Summons752431d ago

I could really imagine Okami making good use of the front and back touch screen.

dboyman2431d ago

Got PS Vita (wifi since no 3g in Canada) First Edition. Enjoying it, but if Capcom made an Okami game for Vita, even a remastered version, be day 1 purchase for me!

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