Burnout Paradise Scenery and Map

Burnout Paradise is broken up into five uniquely different areas; Downtown, Palm Bay Heights, Silver Lake, Harbor Town and White Mountain. Below is a map showing the 5 individual areas. Be sure to check out the images for each area as well. Doesn't that dam look fun?

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killer_trap3958d ago

i did a 3 barrel roll spin on the demo...and got 410,000 in the stunt run, boy i wish i had a camera. i had so much fun with the demo i felt guilty i was playing it for free. this game turned out to be better than expected.

Korosuke3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Wow, 3 roll. Where did you do that?
I did only 2 roll but did a roll with 100 degrees flat spin.

Anyway, online race in the mountain side seems to be pleasant :)

Korosuke3958d ago

Nice scenery.
I want camera mode you can look around, pan, zoom in and out.